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June Outlook: Colombia

 By Fabian Paez Lopez/

An intense month of June has finally come to an end in Colombia, and we welcome July with a new president-elect, with the Baby fiu fiu in the head and a calendar of releases and upward events such as the price of the dollar. They are many emotions together. These are the musical recommendations of of the last month.


Margarita Always Alive - a truer place 

One of the favorite Colombian indie bands released an album again two years after it was very well received by the public Litanies of the Garden (2020). With a truer place the paisa band completes three albums in its history and takes us on a nostalgic trip down a long uncovered highway.

This is the kind of album you listen to with half a tear hanging from your tab as you nod your head against the window. Time slows down, but from time to time there is a brightness in the landscape (Sound Chick and Luck). He brings little games with the synthesizers and at times he reminded me of the melody changes that Gorillaz makes. The disc lasts a little more than 55 minutes and has 19 cuts. There is a lot to get hold of and get lost in each song of Margarita Siempre Viva. well what did they tell us in this interview which has a lot of cinematography. time and insistence, for example, may well sound in a romantic comedy.



Voodoo Meluk  - miserable wretched (EP): Behind this EP with four remixes From the Bogota DJ and producer Voodoo Meluk there are EBM, darkwave, electroclash and industrial sounds. Also loops vocals, penetrating basses and a saber slash at closed-in misogyny. This song is to unload the rage on the track wretched wretched. Kat Yusti and Diego Veira (Ácido Pántera), dj from Bogotá; The Virginia Valley, from Medellín, and Amantra, from Venezuela, collaborate on this EP. but read better full review here.

Felipe Orjuela and the New electronic student-  The new Electronic Student: The debut album of an experimental and trance cumbiero combo. A supergroup taken from the Bogota alternative movement, famous with Los Cotopla Boyz, Chivo, Encarta 98, wyk, Riosucio and SCUM. Give these seven cuts a listen if you want to jump like popcorn popping in a dark, burnt pan.

I'm EmiliaBittersweet: Juanita Carvajal, better known as Soy Emilia, released this album of eight tracks (mostly previously released) with house, synth pop, groovy songs and even the reversal of an old favorite: two strangers, in collaboration with CERO 39. She, without a doubt, uses the phrase that best describes the album in the song has it all: It's like having funny colored imaginary friends with you.



Julio comes loaded. Came back flash amazon, the Colombian-Japanese project by Julián Mayorga and Ryota Miyake. In addition, on Thursday the 29th we will present a show live that they can see from anywhere in the world through our Twitch channel, Shockcol, with kei lynch. Pure and hard rap from the El Muelle stage at the Gilberto Álzate Avendaño Foundation, in downtown Bogotá. 



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