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June Outlook: Chile

By POTQ Magazine

Centella and Oddo – Nazca Lines

A new single that continues to anticipate what will be Centella's debut album, a project led by Antonio Caballero. On this occasion, the musician gets together with the producer and artist, Oddó, and they go through the streets of Santiago de Chile to represent through street graphic lines what our personal and collective identity is, with the same passers-by as protagonists of a clip by Sebastian Ciavaglia.

«This single is one of my first approaches to minimal sound, more direct in terms of lyrics. We are talking about identity, something complex and dense, but approached from a simple point of view, applied to everyday life, with contradictions like everything else. It is not a declaration of principles, it is a conversation that can be about the Chilean identity, like the personal one," Centella said the day the clip, in which we see how in our own cities, perhaps, new Nazca Lines that make up a chaotic identity, a revolt of influences. A continuation of the infinite definitions that Latin can have. Our favorite verse of the song that we look forward to singing live soon:

/among Latinos it is not appropriate

Being Chilean, what's your turn? 

I appropriate pure gringos

from Mondays to Sundays/


Paco Miranda- YAOI: Experimental electronic beta pop, with YAOI It seeks to delve into the moment of love and sexual fulfillment that means meeting a person who makes you feel like no one has ever made you feel. That first approach, like the first time someone at school showed you Gravitation or like an innocent kiss that ends in sex.

Aline Venus – Nobody knows: after a few singles who walked through the urban / pop, Alina Venus meets with La Peluquera to deliver Nobody knows, with some beats much closer to old reggaeton, from the shrill synthesizers to the strings, which give the song that seriousness and epic quality that reggaeton has to portray normal scenes of romance. The single was published under the wing of La Peluquería Records, one of the most interesting Chilean labels on the current scene. Here you can read an interview with its founder. 

Yorka- bye: The fourth album of a career that has managed to expand from the biographical. The Pasten sisters present bye, a plate of ten songs in which Chilean women collect their experiences such as love, friendship and mourning to rethink what goodbyes are. End relationships, family deaths, ties that mutate in a delivery that continues to shape the melodies of one of the most beloved duos in the current songbook. 

Diego Lorenzini – Like a foreigner in Barcelona: In this first preview of his new album, writing from experience is central. Diego Lorenzini has been living in Barcelona for two years and it was there that he learned the term “guiri”, a synonym for gringo that is used there, to refer to those who come from the north. And although Diego comes from the global south, he immersed himself in fantasy with a rumba lorenzinisada, possessed by the spirit of Peret and of course, as always, hand in hand with his friends, with whom he records this wonderful video clip:



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