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Faro Brazil-Panorama-June

June Outlook: Brazil

By Marcelo Costa / Scream & Yell

We are getting closer to the presidential elections, which will be held on October 2. There is a good chance that Lula will win in the first round no matter how much Bolsonaro, following Trump's example, discredits the result. It is an uncertain scenario, with the distribution of false news, desperate attempts by the current president to reverse the situation at any cost, while inflation, poverty and systemic violence (which victimized Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira, among many) grow steadily. terrifying across the country. We hope that democracy wins and that we can rebuild the nation, turned into a wasteland by an unscrupulous family. 

Music continues to help us on a daily basis and many important releases are shaking up the Brazilian market. In June, one of the most surprising was the new EP by São Paulo singer MC Tha. After a perfect debut with the album Rite of Passa (2019), MC Tha come back with My Holy and Strong, a deep immersion of the artist in the research and experience with Afro-Brazilian religions, merging aesthetics and rhythms through funk, drumbeats and points sung in Candomblés, in Umbandas, hills and outskirts. 

MC Tha's starting point was Afro-religious songs sung by a great Brazilian samba singer, Alcione – all five tracks on the EP are from her repertoire, and three songs received a special choir from the Jongo Dito Ribeiro Community. The base of the sound is funk and along with the EP, MC Tha also releases the Climate Quente Show, a “television program” directed by Rodrigo de Carvalho and Vitor Nunes, in which she receives developing artists from the current Brazilian music scene, inviting the MC to interpret the songs of My Holy and Strong. Check it out below.


 Juçara Marçal – EPDEB: Responsible for the great Brazilian album of 2021, Delta Estacio Blues (Scream & Yell Award and APCA), Juçara Marçal returns with an EP with four bonus tracks made during the sessions of the award-winning album and full of collaborations. 

 Tim Bernardes – Thousand Impossive Things: On his second solo album, Tim Bernardes (O Terno) unites the autobiographical narrative inherited from his father Mauricio Pereira with a sound folk orchestral on a record that sounds like the soundtrack to a coming-of-age book.

 Arthus Focchi- Sabbatical: The son of a Paraguayan Guaraní father from Rio de Janeiro, Arthus delivers in this beautiful album 11 collaborations (with emerging artists) in which he seeks to reread, in a modern way, the traditional rhythms and folklore of Brazil and Latin America. Discover the album topic by topic.

 Mulamba- It will be only aos Ares: Sextet from Curitiba made up of women that debuted with a powerful album in 2018, Mulamba launches its second album including the Brazilianness where rock used to predominate in a strong, lyrical and exciting result. 


Considered by many to be the "father of modern percussion" for his iconic work with the Quarteto Novo (1967), with Miles Davis (on the historic album Bitches Brew), with Herbie Hancock and with the supergroup Return to Forever, which he formed together with the pianist Chick Corea, the bassist Stanley Clarke and his wife Flora Purim, the drummer, percussionist and composer Airto Moreira, 80 years old, was diagnosed with a severe pneumonia that left motor sequelae. Faced with the high costs involved in caring for your health, a a campaign to support the artist. "Our goal is to raise enough money so that you can go through this delicate moment with serenity, comfort, dignity and all the necessary care," the text says. All the strength and help for Airto Moreira. 



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