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June Outlook: Bolivia

By Duck Peters / sounds from here

June was marked by various activities for Pride Month, the most notable being the Pride Revolution exhibition at the Altillo Beni City Museum, which shook the most conservative structures of a cosmopolitan city like Santa Cruz de la Sierra. Beyond that, and the great attitude shown by the museum staff to protect the exhibition that celebrated the LGTB + community, the June 28 parade brought together a significant number of people. 

As for the musical movement, the concerts are becoming more frequent and the venues have already left behind the reduced capacity, despite a “fifth wave” that has us reaching contagion figures above 2,000 cases per day. 

These were the most important releases of the month. 

After having led the group Midnight Dreamers between 2016 and 2021, with a published album and more than a dozen singles, singer-songwriter Javvi Elias bets on a solo career with the release of his first song, Unknown2, a very refreshing pop song that has him singing in Spanish, unlike the Anglo proposal, especially from the beginnings of his former band.    

The song was co-produced by the singer along with Maurizio Alessio from La Vanguardia Studios in the city of Santa Cruz, while the mastering it was in charge of the renowned Chilean engineer Francisco Holzmann (Mon Laferte, Alex Anwandter, Gepe). 

The song is one of the five that will be part of the debut EP as a soloist by the musician from Santa Cruz, which will arrive in the last quarter of the year, preceded by a new promo in mid-August.  


fiasco – Hears! (album): 18 years after making his debut with Audiopuerto -the band he formed with his brother- Lucio Ortiz from Santa Cruz returns to music with a new project that has him moving in the eighties sounds of synth-pop. With 14 songs, Hears! is one of the pleasant surprises of the first semester. 

The Hague Court – North Korean missiles (video): Despite being on indefinite hiatus, the people from Santa Cruz released a new video for an old song. Under the joint direction of Matías Sasías and Alfredo Román Bulacio, the clip shows a couple finding love in an apocalyptic Santa Cruz.   

Delina Casa and Sanddita - Nothing is forever (single): Surprisingly, Delina Casa from La Paz and Sanandita from Santa Cruz launched a collaborative song, the result of mutual admiration between both artists. The result is a lively theme that doesn't sound anything like what each one had been presenting on their own.    

Vale Penaranda – Be reborn (single): From Miami comes the debut of an artist from La Paz who, after studying at Berklee College of Music and the Frost School of Music, is encouraged to produce and record her own music. With great strength, both in lyrics and music, this theme serves as a cover letter for a five-song EP to be released in October. 



Borealis Audio, led by sound engineer Marcelo Navía, presented his first suite of plug-ins digital for audio, inspired by the analog hardware he had been making for years. The collection of plug-ins it is one of the first to be carried out in Latin America, and includes four different digital processors that can be purchased individually or together.



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