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Panorama Faro: February

With some delay, we are back with the first Panorama of the year after having devoted an extensive article to the 24 emerging bets in Ibero-America for 2024. As we do every month, the different media that make up the FARO alliance have chosen the artistic project we found most interesting, in this case one that emerged during the month of February. It only remains for us to promise that the next installment will be more timely. We hope you enjoy the playlist that we have put together, which brings up to five outstanding songs from each of the countries of the alliance.

ARGENTINA / by By Juampa Barbero (indie today)

Inexpensive ideal - Isla Mujeres

In a discography full of twists and turns, Isla Mujeres' fourth album is no exception. Inexpensive ideal detaches itself from the intimate electronica of his excellent previous work, run inside (2022), to approach the rawest and most visceral version of the band from La Plata. These new songs invite us to break the chains, to free ourselves from the masks and to celebrate the beauty of imperfection.

The creative process behind the album was characterized by conviviality and improvisation. The trio and their producer Aziz Assé set up a studio inside their rehearsal room, where for months they explored ideas, selected sketches and recorded in a collaborative environment. Throughout the eight songs that comprise it, the album proposes an odyssey from decadence and violence to friendship and the search for inner strength. Their distortion-laden guitars cut through the air of an expansive and contrasting production, creating an experience that encourages you to feel, think and dance.

BRAZIL / by Marcelo Costa (Scream & Yell)

Y'Y - Amaro Freitas

Fourth album in the career of pianist and composer Amaro Freitas, Y'Y (pronounced "eey-eh, eey-eh" and meaning water or river in indigenous dialect) is the most experimental of his works. It is an album that was born after Amaro immersed himself in the indigenous community of Sateré Mawé, in Manaus. The pianist's way of returning the exchange of knowledge was to compose a tribute to the Amazon rainforest and the rivers that cross the north of Brazil, a sound piece that combines indigenous rites with John Cage, through the technique of the prepared piano, using dominoes, adhesive tape, clothespins and seeds, among other objects. According to Amaro himself, Y'Y is "a call to live, feel, respect and care for nature, recognizing it as our ancestor". Conceived as a vinyl record, side A of the album serves as an expression of the connection to the land and ancestors, and side B, as evidence of the connections between the global avant-garde black jazz community, featuring Shabaka Hutchings (London), harpist Brandee Younger (New York), bassist Aniel Someillan (of Cuban descent), guitarist Jeff Parker and drummer Hamid Drake (both from Chicago). An album to listen and listen and listen and listen and listen....

CHILE / by POTQ Team (POTQ Magazine)

I'm glad you're here - CAMI

In the new era of CAMI, electronics is the protagonist. We saw this with ANNA Vol1. THE LOVERShis EP released at the end of 2023; and we also heard him loud and clear on I'm glad you're herea full-fledged hit, released in February with rapper Bronko Yotte. On different occasions, the artist has commented on her passage from more folk sounds always associated with pop, to electronic music, and explains that for her everything has to do, that there is a point of union. She also mentions the concept of ritual as something that unites them. We want to see what 2024 has in store for CAMI, she will probably surprise us.

SPAIN / by Fran González (Mondo Sonoro)

Encore - Carmen Boza

Carmen Boza is one of those singer-songwriters who does not take the easy road. The one that adapts better to the listener's taste, with the subsequent risk of falling into the reviled mainstream. No. Carmen Boza takes paths that need to be listened to, in order to begin to savor the details of her music, but also of her lyrics that can go from the explicit to the ethereal, from the profound to the mundane, from the confessional to a heartbreaking vitalist tone. Everything fits in the artist's vast imaginary. Encore is the return to the limelight of Carmen Boza. An EP of six songs of different styles, which mark a new path for the singer-songwriter after a creative drought of two years that one imagines of search, healing and trying not to lose the course in the morass of this century. And it is easy to guess that this has been the case, thanks to the vital diary in which Carmen Boza has turned this album that hides neither trap nor cardboard. Not in vain, throughout these songs our protagonist shows her social uneasiness (Lambo), their internal struggles (The Altar or Anesthetized), your doubts (Freedom or security) and its ruptures (Swirl). Without forgetting that halo of hope necessary to continue in the breach (San Juan). And it does so with a flow The vocal trademark of the house, which he adapts to the different themes to give each song what it really needs, endowing them with multiple personalities that are his own.

URUGUAY / by Kristel Latecki (Piiila)

Fossil Landscape - The Laser Brothers

Since their founding in 2011 -directly from the ashes of another great 2000s band, Vieja Historia- Los Hermanos Láser have been instrumental in creating a Montevidean indie sound that fused a pop sensibility and hook with classic folk elements, plus a healthy dose of rock fury live, and a careful attention to song craft. And so it is precisely the songs that are their great strength. The ones that made their debut album (homonym, 2013) an impeccable work, which led them to play with countless bands, win several awards and influence a generation.

Eleven years later they return with a third album where they demonstrate -with total humility- their enviable facility to create memorable melodies, phrases and observations. This Fossil Landscape is a bid for familiarity, but hints at an inevitable maturity. The folk strumming and infectious harmonies now give way to layers of synthesizers. It sings about mistakes, about guilt; about going back home and at the same time, not missing what one was. It's an album that -playing off its name- reveals itself as the listener digs deeper, finding faceted, subtle and precious songs.

COLOMBIA / by Valentina Alfonso (

Ambrustic Boy - Maikcel

Miguel Ángel Rojas is known as Maikcel and his voice is well known in the under Colombian because he has been at the forefront of groups like Zalama Crew or the collective La Pacifican Power. He has more than 10 years of experience doing rap, Colombian Pacific music or both at the same time. His voice has always stood out for his versatility and his flow. And with Maikcel, his solo project that just started a couple of years ago, he is stretching his potential. Ambrustic Boy is his first album and it has 13 tracks in which he moves with ease through the afrobeatsThe title of this first album is inspired by one of the songs of the first Colombian rap group to release an album, the first Colombian rap group to do so. The title of this first album is inspired by one of the songs of the first Colombian rap group to release an album, R&R Generals. And it is also a statement of Maikcel's personality and way of making music, from joy. Ambrústico, he says, means to be well.

CUBA / by Magazine AM:PM

Alkemi - Daymé Arocena

Finally it came to light AlkemiDaymé Arocena's new album, which crystallizes her long-awaited collaboration with Eduardo Cabra. Although the result has left us with some questions, there is no doubt that this is a production called to expand the creative and audience limits of the artist. Once again under the Brownswood Records label, Arocena delivers through the ten tracks that make up the album a sound amalgam with a strong Afro-Caribbean accent that is highlighted by the presence of guests such as Rafa Pabön and Vicente García. The alchemy of this uninhibited Daymé takes us by surprise, but we trust that her intuition will lead her in the right direction.


Listen to her playlist complete here.

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