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By Sound World and Construction Area


As we enter a new year, we continue to coexist with the pandemic and with Ómicron. Even so, the musical and cultural activity continues its course and that is why here we offer a report of the most outstanding releases of the last two months: seven inescapable albums, a single of Fuel Fandango with Iván Ferreiro, the participation of Rigoberta Bandini in the Benidorm Fest and a book as a dictionary about the Movida Madrileña. 

Paula Ribó, from Barcelona, better known artistically under the name of Rigoberta Bandinihas become one of the names of the moment in Spain. And not only thanks to songs as well known and enjoyable as In Spain We Call It, Soledad, Bitch or Julio IglesiasShe also participated in the Benidorm Fest, an event organized by TVE, from which the song representing Spain in the next Eurovision Song Contest was chosen. There she participated with Oh, Mom, a tribute to femininity and motherhood that has become an almost generational anthem. Undoubtedly the great favorite of the public - as demonstrated by the popular vote -, she lost in the final because of the vote of the Professional Jury that chose Chanel. The networks burned because of that choice and there is no media that has not released rivers of ink about it. So much so that it has even been among the topics discussed by politicians in recent days. In the Benidorm Fest also participated other artists such as Varry Brava, Tanxugueiras, Rayden and many others.


Fuel Fandango has been offering us collaborations, which they describe as "musical idylls", with some of their favorite artists for a few months now. At the moment there are already four songs that will be part of the project Romances, which will be published next May. Now the new collaboration is under the name of A sound  and it is a song that comes after My footprint (with María José Llergo), Iballa (with Mala Rodríguez) and Noise with Amadou & Mariam. This new episode of the series features the collaboration of Galician singer Iván Ferreiro, known both for his solo career and for his years leading Piratas.

To talk about a new album release by Los Planetas is to talk about an event and also a safe bet. This is how it arrives Songs of water, another test of genius in which they underline their unparalleled stature within the Spanish indie pop scene that they themselves forged thirty years ago.. With the wisdom accumulated over the years, their new record shows us an indisputable reality: the band from Granada no longer needs to look around to find the colors of the musical palette of their work. Those colors have already been accumulated in the briefcase that they have been gathering over three decades to reach their tenth album with unalterable capacity and continue to feed their legend.

From his first song, Deliver me from evil,  León Benavente expresses in It was the need to perceive a new beginning. Something that applies not only in conceptual mode, but also in cuts such as All letters, where the band pulls cosmology krautpop analogical to ally with Tulsa in one of the most surprising songs of his entire catalog. Thus, in this his fourth LP, he consolidates his privileged position demarcated between the frontier of indie and mainstream of the Spanish pop carousel, offering in It was ten songs that drags the group into a second (cyber) youth, full of hooks to cling to in its wake.

Carolina Durante from Madrid have undoubtedly become one of the most popular and essential names in the Spanish independent scene. Now, after four releases, the quartet publishes its long-awaited second full-length album, Four kids (Sonido Muchacho, 22) an album that shows them more mature, but as energetic and brazen as ever. With it, they have returned to the cover of Mondo Sonoro, including an extensive interview and opinions of other musicians and professionals of the music sector about the importance of the group.

La Maravillosa Orquesta del Alcohol, also known as The M.O.D.A.released shortly before the end of 2021 an album that represents a very interesting twist to his proposal. New Songbook of Burgalese (PRMVR, 21) is an album in which the band from Burgos combines their most characteristic folk rock with the tradition of their land. They achieve this by turning to the songbooks of Federico Olmeda and Antonio José, true bibles of the popular song from Burgos. And as if that were not enough, the production has been in charge of Gorka Urbizu, former leader and frontman of Berri Txarrak. And now it's time to present these songs on stage in a tour that will be a success, with a visit to Madrid that will include a total of six consecutive venues at La Riviera!

Faithful to its ultra pop spirit, Elefant Records offers us a new delicatessen. These are the tabletop songs created by Marinita Precaria, a true alchemist of minimal naïve pop and author of the brand-new Don't look at mea tasty delicacy full of songs identified with what is understood as a value in the making.

From single a Vainica Doble, Marinita Precaria demonstrates a broad view of velvet pop in her debut mini-LP. At the same time, a brilliant demonstration of talent by a privileged mind to swim within this great referential framework, in which she moves with unusual agility when it comes to vertebrating pop bonbons of homely aftertaste such as the irresistible You for whatmagic trick where sadness is synonymous with blue vitality.

After having released one of the most promising debuts in the twilight of the last decade, Chaqueta de Chandal returns with the confirmation that places him among the most autonomous proposals of today's Spanish pop. Now, with Future, you used to be cool (great title, by the way) the Catalan band promises to consolidate itself as one of those kind of bets to which one clings with curiosity over the years. There are many reasons for this, such as, for example, the moment of the naif pegamoid of Vademecum, with a post-grunge inflection in its final stretch. This cut in particular ratifies the trio's ability to play with musical genres, whip them up and expose them under their own signifiers.

The people of Barcelona Alison Darwin are one of those examples of an independent group that takes their career slowly at the beginning until they mature their proposal sufficiently and capture the attention of the media and the public in a totally organic way. That's why it's not surprising that they have become one of Acqustic's strongest bets, who have been able to see the trio's potential. Last year they released their first full-length album, Fiction and reality (Atomic Records, 21), a work that has led them to be on the cover of the playlist Rock Ahora from Spotify or to be one of the new talents that join the lineup of the Ronda Cool festival along with other bands in full growth as Arde Bogotá or Niña Polaca. There they will play songs like their energetic single Warriorthe last song they have shared to date.

From A to Z in more than four hundred entries, an irresistible trip to Madrid's 80's, avoiding the common places, is what the journalist and writer Javier Menéndez Flores proposes in Madrid was a party, an uncritical and generous dictionary of a key epoch. The author is brave with this book: he avoids the commonplaces and places the lamp in a way that illuminates corners that until recently were forbidden, in a society that suckled on boldface and postureo before the term existed. Javier has not written another book about La Movida, either. The book He has written his book about La Movida, an entity that had something of a Moebius strip, of Escher's stairs: feeding on itself to infinity, until today, since yesterday, until tomorrow.



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