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December-January outlook: Uruguay

The Panorama Lighthouse is a section that is responsible for highlighting the most important releases in Ibero-America and is published simultaneously in all the media that make up the alliance, thus multiplying its reach and visibility. Every delivery updates us on the struggles in each of our countries, currently going through the reality of COVID-19, and on the news of their musical ecosystems. As we always say, there is much to discover out there. If you want to know what the region sounds like today, this is the place and the time.

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By Kristel Latecki / PiiiLA


Between the vertigo and the overload of activities in December and the holiday tranquility of January, much has happened and nothing at the cultural level. PiiiLA closed the year 2021 with its review of the 20 albums of the yearincluding several of the works we have highlighted this year, especially two of those featured here: Niña Lobo and Par. The capital had its well-deserved rest while everything moved to the resorts, but not for long: starting in February comes an avalanche of shows, and especially argentinxs artists will visit us in the next months.

However, the Omicron variant has been the undisputed topic of the summer. After its arrival, cases rose sharply, but thanks to vaccines its symptoms have been mostly mild.


Between EPs, shows sold out, memes and great videos, Wolf Girl consolidated itself as one of the most outstanding, fun and captivating bands in Uruguay, but also with the greatest international projection. With their first LP, How Long Someone's Life LastedThe songs, confirm their place and expand their sound and aesthetic universe. Their particular cultural pastiche, which includes everything from Dosmilera nostalgia linked to their own adolescence to questions more typical of the current era, is manifested in excellent songs that manage to identify and make people laugh. Within and Agonizing Dog are two of the highest moments.

The experimental electronic musician Pair has dedicated himself to create through sound, scenographies, minimalist architectural structures, dark and futuristic worlds. It is very easy to identify him with dystopian movie soundtracks, and in fact it is a work he has done on occasions. However, when it came time to create a fifth album in pandemic he decided to looking inward and at the same time reflecting the loss of time frames. That is with Cycles, one of his most profound and emotional works. Especially in Daysa song created with the music of Lucía Torrón and featuring the voice of the legendary Vera Sienra.

Last year, Dani Umpi and the Argentinean Coghlan presented Europea song with a house pulse, but subtle, a hit infectious and unexpected that it was for PiiiLA one of the best of 2021. Now, the full EP of this inspired duo is out, offering the party that many would want after the pandemic. Between the electronic pop and house that are the domain of both artists, you can find particularities such as a car alarm solo that seamlessly slips between the beats or a sort of slow and lilting reggaeton in the track Fabi, where they also pay tribute to Fabiana Cantilo.

Between the breakup of the band Closet and her first songs as a soloist, it took a long time for Camila Sapin to decide to work on an album of her own. The good thing is that the wait was worth it. Magnetisms is her first album, made in conjunction with producer, guitarist and her partner, Alemany. Here Camila's voice dialogues perfectly with the different styles she presents, from the pop she developed since her beginnings, to more urban and R&B moments. The collaborations with Ana Prada, Alfonsina and Eli Almic are especially noteworthy..

In 2019, F5 and Eli Almic traveled together to the Spring Soundwhere they shared several dates of music and camaraderie. That good vibe is now seen in their first collaboration, The Vitamin. Accompanied by a colorful and contagious video directed by Laura Ríos, the song is a danceable bomb, combining the best of the group's experimental candombe with the rapper's bars.

Experimenting for the first time with production, Papina de Palma created her second album with feminism and respect for memory as its axis, and with a host of guests that enhanced her already moving songs: Edú "Pitufo" Lombardo, Luciano Supervielle, Samantha Navarro, Inés Errandonea, Camila Ferrari and more. We had already highlighted The Balm and The pack, but This Could Be the Signal  have tracks The beauty of their vocal arrangements as well as their lyrics are more than enough to captivate.

Opening 2022 in a January drenched by heat waves, The Seala band associated with the summer rains of La Paloma beach resort, returned with the first cut of what will be their eighth album, New memories will come. With the particularity of having worked with the musician and producer Fabrizio Rossi, the preview of Millions gives us a hint of a perhaps sunnier album. With Fede Morosini as guest, his lively drumming leads us into a chorus that will undoubtedly become a great live chorus.

From December 4 to 12, the 39th International Film Festival of Uruguayorganized by Cinemateca Uruguaya. With 107 feature and short films representing more than 50 countries, cinema was once again celebrated after the pandemic, with several theaters open to the public eager for new stories. In addition, for the first time it was opened to the streamingwith a selection of films specially released on its +Cinemateca platform.


Also after its suspension due to the health situation, on December 10 the Museums at Night returned, a day where these institutions in most of the country open their doors with different cultural proposals for all audiences, offering a night tour through different eras, civilizations and creations. This 16th edition had from shows live performances with the Orchestra of a Thousand Melodies, Diego Presa and Camila Sapin, lectures on literature and guided tours.


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