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Overview December-January: Peru

The Panorama Lighthouse is a section that is responsible for highlighting the most important releases in Ibero-America and is published simultaneously in all the media that make up the alliance, thus multiplying its reach and visibility. Every delivery updates us on the struggles in each of our countries, currently going through the reality of COVID-19, and on the news of their musical ecosystems. As we always say, there is much to discover out there. If you want to know what the region sounds like today, this is the place and the time.

Lighthouse is composed of IndieToday (Argentina), Scream&Yell (Brazil), shock (Colombia), Magazine AM:PM (Cuba),  POTQ (Chili), Sound World and Construction Area (Spain), Indie Rocks! (Mexico), Rock Achorao' (Peru) and Piiila (Uruguay). It also works to create original and innovative content, as well as various activities that serve to break down borders and build bridges between the different countries of Ibero-America.


By Rock Achorao'

A January almost upside down in Peru. The political and social scene has been unstable since the first days of the month. Although the dollar began to fall after the Christmas and New Year's holidays, the third wave of the pandemic appeared around the world and generated a new social imbalance. The country shook hard on several occasions; there was a damned oil spill in the coasts of Lima and Callao that so far has not been solved; nationwide concerts were reactivated (finally!); the Peruvian national soccer team was resurrected and longs to reach Qatar 2022 after defeating Colombia and tying Ecuador at home; among other events. 

But while that was happening, the music just kept coming. Every weekend a number of releases were published, of which we collected the best ones. As we say in our country: for your consumption with all the creams.


What has not been said before about Sofia Kourtesis? In so few years she has proven to have so much genius and endless talent. Esperanza Station is a fresh rhythm with a warm message, in collaboration with French singer-songwriter Manu Chao. The piece maintains the interesting and striking sonorities that have characterized it since its early works, using a phrase from the chorus of Manu's 2000 radio hit, I Like You. A must in your playlist.

Tambino seems to love to play No fear with musical rhythms. His work merits the name of his EP, and the pinnacle of his musical work can be found in the 'cumbiagaze' of his single Afternoons. In three and a half minutes we find a musical profile so peculiar and delirious that it highlights the work of the Peruvian artist, which appears very well qualified in a review in Pitchfork. If experimentation is your thing, you can't miss Tambino. Highly recommended. 

Maya Endo represents very well an artistic duality in her voice. On the one hand, she is known for her striking work in Flamenco Inflable, a Peruvian indie pop band. However, her solo proposal notoriously surpasses. Blue is an unquestionable sample. A pious, mind-blowing vocal game and sonorities more in keeping with her gentle style, hisses and breaks. A sonorous energy full of relaxation and sweetness. It makes you want to know more proposals of the artist.


As powerful as some of the themes are, such as Cube or Booth prior to their first album, Escape 1 becomes the most dominant piece they have produced so far. A good start for their first LP and that perfectly explains why they are one of the best national bands. It is enough with two minutes and fifteen seconds that with the Chaivers you are going to have a great time. Not to mention live. It is highly recommended to listen to the whole album Escape.

Being loved in Mexico and recognized in Peru, Volcano presented their long awaited album in a big way. Fury of the Gods at the Plazuela de las Artes in Lima, in an intimate and in-person concert. They left behind the sonorities of their first homonymous EP to surrender to strings, percussion and natural singing, as it was done in the 60's in an analogical way. Willing to resume touring and more productions, Volcano intends to rock, grow and provoke more than the fury of the gods. Rest assured.

Ademilxhora, Trip and Doma don't mess around when it comes to music. They have worked in duos, trios and solo, but on this song they did phenomenal. PARAMXR It submerges electronica in Latin rhythms, sequences within lo-fi, among other ideas already captured in previous works of the young Peruvian talents. Super danceable and enjoyable in its almost three minutes, what other sonic madness will they be up to for the rest of the summer?

The debut of music producer Ian Pintado de Azul which, through indie pop, addresses the process of discovery between two people who are attracted to each other and go through a series of feelings ranging from desire, admiration, shyness, among others. Come on, everybody, let's dance Pop of the moment.

The second single of the multidisciplinary project Ciber1a led by artist Rodolfo Rueda in the company of Susana Fátima (Gomas) ratifies his interest in trying new sound forms based on sampling and the inclusion of electronic rhythms. This added to the melodious voice of Susana Fatima, gives as result Back-and-forth, an impeccable piece of experimental pop for our playlist summer.

Can you imagine how complicated it is to lose your voice for someone who loves to sing? Marialva had complicated months where she lost a beloved relative and a problem affected her singing, events that pushed her to fall into a very hard anxiety, where expressing her process through songs was her salvation, months where she also learned to produce her own music, all from her room, her refuge. As a result she came out Ansiedá.


REIIINA's proposal has been characterized by externalizing its most human and, at times, vulnerable side. At I believe in love shows a remarkable musical evolution by incorporating elements of electronic music to the dreamy dream pop that has characterized her to date. A happy and hopeful song where the singer-songwriter sings to the four winds that she believes in the power of love. Recommended for playlist Valentine's Day.

Next Thursday, February 10, the film will be released Long distance directed by Franco Finocchiaro and starring Miguel Iza, Fiorella Pennano, Denise Arregui, Ximena Palominos and many more. The event was musicalized by producer Karin Zielinski and includes tracks of bands such as Suerte Campeón, Santa García and Dan Dan Dero.



February: What's next...

Several announcements were made shows throughout the year. This 2022 we will see Bad Bunny, The Drums, Coldplay, Kiss, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Boy Pablo, Wos, L-gante, the duo Pimpinela and many more in Peru. 



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