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Overview December-January: Mexico

The Panorama Lighthouse is a section that is responsible for highlighting the most important releases in Ibero-America and is published simultaneously in all the media that make up the alliance, thus multiplying its reach and visibility. Every delivery updates us on the struggles in each of our countries, currently going through the reality of COVID-19, and on the news of their musical ecosystems. As we always say, there is much to discover out there. If you want to know what the region sounds like today, this is the place and the time.

Lighthouse is composed of IndieToday (Argentina), Scream&Yell (Brazil), shock (Colombia), Magazine AM:PM (Cuba),  POTQ (Chili), Sound World and Construction Area (Spain), Indie Rocks! (Mexico), Rock Achorao' (Peru) and Piiila (Uruguay). It also works to create original and innovative content, as well as various activities that serve to break down borders and build bridges between the different countries of Ibero-America.


By Cynthia Flores de Indie Rocks!

What a start of the year for the world! Between the return to the reality of work activities after a well-deserved Christmas vacation and the new pandemic wave of the Omicron variant, where too many people were infected to start the year locked up in their homes. Fortunately with a lower death rate but with a population running for its vaccine booster.

Even with this pandemic, music festivals are still going ahead with their activities. The next one is BahidoráThe venue, located in Las Estacas, Morelos, is already sold out. Pal' Norte will soon take place in Monterrey in April with its capacity of more than 90 thousand attendees and of course, Vive Latino a few days ago held a big press conference to reveal new details of its next edition 2022, check out more at Indie Rocks!


A band well loved in the independent circuit with almost 20 years of trajectory, Bengalis back with new music. And is that after a long break and a warm return to the stage in 2019, has really caught the attention of several of his followers. Now they are with a double premiere: "Electric Love/Bee Channel.", under the production of the band, Milo Froideval and Salvador Garza, which will be part of their next full-length material.   

Without leaving the warmth of his dance music, experimentation and now seasoned with tropicalia, Centavrvs takes us on a hypnotic, rich, surreal journey with "Silver and Coral".. This is the second installment of a forthcoming EP called Raise Your Hand.


The new artist on the roster of Casete Mexico, Carla Rivarolapresented "Gravity". A very representative track of Latin American indie rock: fast-paced, sincere, with a certain nostalgia and a lot of misunderstanding of the love between two people. In this song Carla talks about the transformation, to speak directly about feelings. Check out her irreverent video:

 "Complex feeling". is the new environmental track of little more than 14 minutes with which Edgar Mondragon transports us through various scenarios with its ingenious electronics. Inspired by the russian painter Kazimir Malevich who laid the foundations of abstract art with his works that alluded to geometric shapes and empty spaces rather than real-world objects.

Ferraz, an Argentinean based in Mexico City, presents "To Make Us Well". Single in collaboration with Mexican Erihka with a catchy funky pop style in which they talk about letting go of the past to move forward as a couple. With a video clip filmed in a beautiful nursery, they consolidate their delivery.

Young Diego Puerta, better known as Dromedarios Mágicos, shares a sample of their next full-length material: "Your Bed". In it he seems to reinvent indie pop with a love and dance lyric that features Ramses Meneses, a.k.a. McKlopedia.the renowned Venezuelan rapper. Be sure to watch the funny video where both are presented.

The Guerrero native based in New York, Brownreleased a EP entitled Sunset Park which includes three instrumental and atmospheric electronic tracks. In the words of the Mexican producer himself, "they are made to listen to while watching the sunset".


 One of the "revelation" bands that has hooked us the most with their releases has been Disco Bahía. From León, Guanajuato, the trio has managed to channel their career through sounds between nu wave, French wave, nu disco, synth pop and classic funk. With a seventies vibe they presented the track "B.ahia"with the collaboration of Coco Santos from CLUBZ and Noah Pino Palo accompanied by a video directed by Tigre Fácil.

 With only a few years of integration, the quartet of girls based in Mexico City, Hot Maries is premiering with "D.R.S.E." a surf and garage track with all the essence of the girl power. His second single sung in Spanish, since "Enough is enough!" of 2019. Let's keep track of the evolution of these young women who proudly carry the flag of rock made by women.

In conjunction with the premiere of his video clip for the romantic track "First Time"the band from Nogales, Sonora, The Nasdrovia also presented his second album entitled Small Circle of Blue. A material with songs from all the members, a mixture of ideas that carry in particular existentialist thoughts. The title of this album was inspired by a phrase of Carl Sagan.

 What's coming in February...


The already famous art week in the CDMX allows different galleries to open their doors to present their most innovative and avant-garde contemporary artists. MACO Zone and ACME Show were given the task of bringing together the art community in the CDMX from February 9 to 13.


As we told you, Bahidorá is about to take place from February 18 to 20 with a delightful line-up including Kings Of Convenience, James Blake, Pahua, Helado Negro, La Perla, Koffee, Rubio, Agrupación Cariño and many more, to be enjoyed between the pleasant warmth of Morelos and the crystalline waters of the river in the natural park of Las Estacas.






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