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December-January outlook: Brazil

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By Marcelo Costa/ Scream & Yell


2022 is a reality and promises many good things for Brazilians, and some of them will only arrive at the end of the year. From concerts to festivals, including the expected election of the President of the Republic (one week before the Primavera Sound São Paulo), this is a decisive year for our people. Because it is not enough to remove Jair Bolsonaro from the presidency (and then judge him for his crimes), we also need to rebuild feelings such as faith, love and empathy, which have been eroded in these cruel years. We have a long work ahead of us and the certainty that Culture will be on our side.

The following are the highlights.


Pernambuco's Mundo Livre S/A, one of the groups that triggered the Manguebeat movement together with Chico Science & Nação Zumbi, are back with their tenth album, Walking Dead Folia, a politicized album that denounces the government's disregard for the population during the pandemic, from the cover art signed by Wendell Araújo to a repertoire of ghoulish frevos and cirandas. One of the singles of the album, Melô das Musas Empoderadas da Ilha Grande with Doralyce, you have the clip below:

In December, Pitty released CasuloThe EP is the first release of the eponymous label created by the singer to launch productions that will run parallel to her solo work. The EP gathers four songs created in live collaboration with other artists and recorded on its Twitch platform channel. From these meetings came partnerships with Drik Barbosa, Weks, Badsista, Jup do Bairro, Monkey Jhayam, Mau, Bruno Buarque, Cris Scabello and Pupillo. The single Diamond has the clip below.

The rock band Autoramas has released its 9th album, Self titledan album that was scheduled to be released in 2020 but has not arrived until now. "This is a record of survival: in the time, the place and the conditions we are living. We went through the crisis, through the Covid, we adapted to everything without stopping producing", says Gabriel Thomaz. Along with the album, Autoramas released the clip of the single No Dope.

Present in several lists of best albums of 2021 (Scream & Yell including) with Dancean album that was inspired by the street culture and music produced between the late 90's and early 2000's in Brazil, rapper FBC and producer VHOOR are now releasing an instrumental version of their acclaimed album, Instrumental Dancenow only with bases and beats. The lyrics, which help to create the mood of the album, are missing, but the sound is too good.


Rapper Baco Exu do Blues started 2022 with a bang. QVVJFA - Quantas Vezes Você Já Foi Amado?his new album, explains memories, love and anger in times of cholera and was the fifth most listened to album worldwide on Spotify in the week of its release. The Bahian singer's third album features collaborations with Gal Costa, Gloria Groove and Muse Maya, and promises to keep the rapper's name in the spotlight in 2022. 

Presenting a connection between Bahian and international black music is one of the proposals of the group Afrocidade, which releases its first album, Vivãowith a strong social slant, based on music as a pedagogical tool. The album, expected, arrives with the participation of Luedji Luna, Nildes Bomfim, Mahal Pita and Léo Mendes, and with the visual album below! 

One of the greatest hitmakers of Brazilian music, Lulu Santos celebrated 40 years in the music world and received, as a tribute, a tribute album, Futuro do Passado - As Canções de Lulu Santoswhich brings together artists of the new generation, rescuing hidden gems from the musician's discography. Curated by DJ Zé Pedro and journalist Renan Guerra, the album features names such as Jennifer Souza, Bemti, Duda Brack and Reiner, among others.

Leader and lyricist of one of Brazil's greatest rock bands of all time, Legião Urbana, Renato Russo (deceased in 1996) had already had one of his songs made into a movie, Faroeste Caboclo (2013). Now, in January 2022, the adaptation of another of Renato's songs, Eduardo y Monica, arrives in theaters, a feature film by Renê Sampaio which dramatizes the story of a boy who watches soap operas with his grandfather and falls in love with a woman who likes (Manuel) Bandeira and Bauhaus, Van Gogh and the Mutants, Caetano and Rimbaud. Trailer below!

Fifteen years ago, two great friends decided to ask themselves a question: what if a record became literature? Thus was born Mojo Books, the first 100% digital publishing house in Brazil, which from December 2006 to December 2012 released more than 130 publications, all of them inspired by music. On the 15th anniversary of the imprint, Scream & Yell reissues Mojo Books publications, starting with the first two volumes, available for downloadbooks inspired by Black Celebration by Depeche Mode and Technique of New Order. Download them here.


While Scream & Yell's (huge) special on the best of 2021 isn't on the air, it's worth watching the best of the year in 10 categories -Architecture, Visual Arts, Cinema, Dance, Literature, Popular Music, Radio, Theater, Children's and Young People's Theater and Television - celebrated by the Paulista Association of Art Critics, APCA. In Music, rapper Don L was chosen Artist of the Year, singer Juçara Marçal won the award for Album of the Year for Delta Estacio Blues and the 2021 revelation artist was Marina Sena. The complete list can be found here


After a 2021 in which Brazil said goodbye to names like Marilia Mendonça, Nelson Freire, Letieres Leite, Cassiano, Nelson Sargento and Monarco, among others, 2022 began with a remarkable farewell: Elza Soares died at the age of 91 of natural causes. As one of Brazil's great singers, she began her career in the 1950s, and never rested! At the age of 85, in 2015, she released the best Brazilian album of the 2010s (according to a voting at Scream & Yell), A Mulher do Fim do MundoThe album resonated in every corner of the planet and shows the strength of this singer who, until her last days, fought for women, against racism and for a better Brazil for all.


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