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December-January Overview: Argentina

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By Juampa Barbero /indie today


Between December and January everything happened. With the arrival of summer, the high temperatures were cushioned with a string of musical releases for all tastes. In addition, the first shows international that will land in our country throughout 2022, from Gorillaz and Dua Lipa to Harry Styles and Bad Bunny. In addition, and like every year, the team of Indie Hoy chose the fifty best albums of 2021: a selection full of surprises that closes with The Killers and crowns the latest from C. Tangana. But not everything was cause for celebration, since at the beginning of January we mourned the death of Flavio Etcheto at the age of 56. To pay you a warm tribute, we publish a special where artists like Loló Gasparini, DJs Pareja, Pablo Schanton and more celebrate the work of the pioneering artist of Argentine electronic music.


"I don't talk about my life, that shit is very sad," sings Dillom in the requiem that gives his debut album its name. Released by his Bohemian Groove label, post-mortem offers an eclectic repertoire of eighteen songs, including collaborations with L-Gante, Muerejoven and Saramalacara. It is a conceptual work in which the 20-year-old singer meditatively traverses various polarized landscapes.

 Los Besos broke the silence and presented the first preview of their third album, the long-awaited successor to sentimental math (2019). In the sand it's a track summery with pop overtones that oscillates between a satirical and provocative tone. Composed by Paula Trama and Pablo Beradi, the song was recorded at the El Precioso studio.

 After surprising us with the single Return My thing, Marilina Bertoldi shared a new preview of her fourth solo album. In Amulet, The singer and producer from Santa Fe invited the Chilean artist Javiera Mena to merge energies in an incendiary collaboration that manages to represent those who leave the heteronorm with a video packed with lesbian eroticism.

 Kevin Johansen blew us away with a collaboration with none other than David Byrne. Last Night I Was Dreaming With You is an English version of Last night I dreamed of you, his 2007 hit. The meeting took place in a New York studio, where the former Talking Heads recorded some vocals, while Johansen sang, played the guitar and even indulged in whistling.

 After shining on Sun, the eighth song of Since the end of the world (2021), Lara91k and Duki They joined forces again in one of the hits of the summer. Produced by Percii and Yesan, Eres para mí It is the latest advance from the long-awaited album by the former Coral Casino after crushing us with several singles. The track It was accompanied by a video directed by Sofía Malamute and Ramiro Birriel.

 L-Ghent and Bizarrap returned to work side by side in Pinta, the musical curtain of the fourth season of The fringe, which also has the special participation of Pablo Lescano. With millions of reproductions accumulated in the BZRP Music Sessions #38, the duo pulled out another villarap which blends in perfectly with the development of the Netflix series.

 After captivating his audience with to the car and back and Illegal, Clara Cava premiered X the neighborhood, his room single 2021. Produced by Iván Cetkovich and Tomás Morano, the track It was finalized by Santiago De Simone and has the choral participation of Esmeralda Escalante, Chiarra Parravicini, Mora Navarro and more.

 heartbreak is the tribute compilation to the emblematic My Bloody Valentine album. Curated by the Sin Tierra Discos label, the album features the participation of bands of the stature of Entidad Animada, El Club Audiovisual, Nostrónomo and more local talents who were summoned to reinterpret the classic by the band led by Kevin Shields thirty years after its release.


The Berlin International Film Festival announced its schedule 2022 with a large Argentine participation. Among the long list of movies that are part of the new edition of the famous film competition we can find several national titles: Sublime by Mariano Biasín, North Terminal by Lucrezia Martel, an invisible apprentice by Emilia Herbst and the middle ages by Alejo Moguillansky and Luciana Acuña.

For literature lovers we also have some recommendations that won us over during this period. Undoubtedly one of them was garden weed by Nadia Sol, a collection of poems edited by Elemento Disruptivo in which the author develops her vocation as a sensitive voyeur. We also publish a list with top 10 books of the year, including works by César Aira, Flavia Calise and Walter Lezcano, among others.



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