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August Overview: Uruguay

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For Uruguay, August is a particular month, thanks to the Night of Nostalgia. The day before our Independence Day, the country goes out to party, originally to dance oldies (the hits of past decades), but with the incorporation of new outgoing generations, the proposals have been expanded to include even the Top 50 of Spotify. Thus, after two pandemic years, the Night of Nostalgia returned recharged, and a night agenda that facing spring is being filled with proposals. 

In other music news, Graffiti Awards announced the nominees for its 20th edition. With seven nominations You will not like it was positioned as the candidate of the year. follow him Wolf Girl and Kuropa with six, and Killer Peyote and Gaston "Dino" Ciarlo –with his posthumous album– with five nominations. The award ceremony will be divided into two ceremonies, on September 16 in Durazno and on October 11 in Montevideo.

Without further ado, these were five of this month's releases.

Starting over from scratch after having a career and an established name is no easy task. But Gonzalo Deniz He decided to treat her the same way. After 15 years, six albums, two soundtracks and collaborations with artists from various parts of Latin America, in November last year he took the stage for the last time as Franny Glass, and got off carrying his own name. But he also took some of those songs. Meanwhile, in Montevideo It's an album he recorded to go out and play. There are 12 versions of songs from different moments of his career, including compositions for the band Mersey and a collaboration he made with Luciano Supervielle in 2011–, seen from a new perspective and with a new sound, more acoustic, direct and visceral. More faithful to what is alive. But also, new songs came out in the process, six in total. They show the composer exploring, searching and finding new ways to tell his stories, surprising even himself. Prior to his new debut in society at the mythical Teatro Solís, we talked to him about this album. You can read the interview here.


Paul Higgs- three dimensional: In his last job, Paul Higgs he set out to capture its essence. After all, since 2014 he's been dishing it out across an unmeasurable number of albums, EPs and singles, under his name and that of his band Cotton. But for his second job with the Argentine label Queruza, and the first for the local Little Butterfly Records, he concentrated his interests, his eccentricities and the different facets of his sound in eight songs, produced together with Martin Buscaglia. This duo made in musician heaven achieved its goal and in the process produced several hits: not even there, an infectious and irreverent funk; random music, a moment of epic voices forged by Charlie and Leandro Aquistapacie (aka Hydrofoil); Y I feel, a hymn of self-awareness. About all this we chatted with him, before his live performance twice: at La Trastienda in Montevideo and at Niceto in Buenos Aires.

Mocchi- 1990: 30 years have passed of a decade that was devastating for Uruguay. Mocchi he had that in mind when he named his album 1990; not only because of the year he was born, but also because history repeats itself, and he needs this not to be forgotten. This work brings together songs that he played live countless times, in those many tours that he made throughout various parts of Latin America, going wherever his songs were requested. And they, which also have the participation of artists such as Susy Shock, El Plan de la Mariposa, Julieta Laso and Christian Cary, are powerful and profound, reflective and even rebellious. And it is to them that he owes and dedicates everything to them from the first verses he sings in Intro: “I give thanks to the songs that give me the privilege”. 


Sylvia Meyer- Who?: Sylvia Meyer is one of the Montevideo composers who have left an indelible mark on Uruguayan music. Whether through his songs or in compositions for theater, cinema and video art, his music moves and captivates. Based in New York for years, she will return to Montevideo to celebrate her work at the Solís Theater. But first he will give us a new album, 40 years after his debut. Who? It will be the name and it is the first advance, which with the piano as a base manages to stop time.

Rossana Taddei – Repair: In March of this year, rossana taddei offered a show which was a celebration and a farewell. The artist turned 53 years old, 37 of them on stage and 15 with her duo project MINIMALmambo; and then he would return to his second (or rather first) home in Switzerland. There he premiered Repair, an unpublished song that is now his first single of this year. The recording is precisely from that show, and according to the music it has an almost medicinal quality. «I composed it in one go one morning and I sang it many times, feeling that in it I was repairing myself, rebuilding, reinventing, healing in some way».



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