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August Overview: Mexico

By Anali Rodriguez / Indie Rocks!


August has been a difficult month. The crisis that Mexico is facing fills us all with great uncertainty. The rainy season has also not been favorable for many states, not to mention the increase in crime. Despite everything that marks the country today, there have been moments of light thanks to the musical premieres. 

The singer from Michoacan, Walter Esau, gives a refresh to his musical project and changes from Blackø -old name- to a homonym with much more presence. Nostalgia prevails in its very sound, which is embraced by organic sonorities with that authentic folk and bolero. The stories of (un)love flow in Liar (2022), his new studio album that arrives via Universal Music Mexico. This 12-track installment is what you need most to lighten your self. 


Lng/Sht- Lluvia: The singer from Cancun, presents his new single Lluvia, accompanied by a black and white music video directed by Conrad del Campo. The theme is a vile reflection of the wear and tear that Lng/Sht has had day to day; offering a tune full of sadness but with certain touches of hope.  

Rotten Daisies-I don't want to be a mother: The quartet from Hermosillo, Sonora, presents a declaration against all the anti-abortion movements that have been presented in the world, with sound to the rhythm of I don't want to be a mother; a theme full of rhythms related to grunge punk and garage rock. Rotten Margaritas stands up to patriarchy. 

Mare Warning Lirika – SHHH: From Oaxaca, Mare Aviso Lirika manifests itself in new and powerful lyrics through SHHH, his new single which comes in collaboration with rapper Magic Classic. The song arrives accompanied by a music video directed by Milena Pafundi, Jimena Luja and Anna Tormenta that raises the power of words between flashes

Erich- a song for both: If what you need right now is a space to contemplate your emotions, you have to listen a song for both, Erich's new single. The singer from Aguascalientes invites us to have a connection with the depths of our being to the beat of a series of warm sonorities. 


After a couple of quiet months in the summer, the music industry will be reactivated throughout the Mexican Republic this September. events like the catharsis festival in Guadalajara, Uey of Life In Monterrey, Queretaro Festival and festival valley in Baja California they will be the protagonists of the ninth month of the year. 



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