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August Overview: Cuba

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It closes a so-called August of summer, beach, sun, but the vast majority of Cubans have not even had enough to afford a day of walking. Thus, hopeless and tired, the great issue in our environment is the unbearable situation and the massive exodus of the last year that already exceeds in numbers the sum of the largest migratory crises that have happened in Cuba after the revolutionary triumph. The impression is that we are being followed by misfortune, to which is added the undeclared epidemic of dengue fever and those first cases of monkeypox that appeared recently. But with this apparently infinite capacity for endurance, and certain that music will always be a kind of oasis, even in the worst of times, we ended this summer listening to what sounded best from our music.

Cuban pianist and composer Gonzalo Rubalcaba launched Turning Point/ Trio D'ete, his most recent record production. The jazz player recreates, through seven tracks, sounds from Latin jazz and Cuban music, loaded with a sensitivity and an elegance that captivates. Topics like IKU and Hard One build addictive and effervescent sensations.


Charly Siaba- flying ep: Until we finally heard this compendium of visceral songs by Charly Siaba wrapped in the magic and beauty of an EP. The four songs that make it up, Far from here, undress, where were you and flying, take from the very essence of their author and float in the night like clouds, they make you dream and fly. The young Cuban guitarist and composer likes to collaborate with the art of musicians such as Andy García, Jesús Pupo, Gelo Hau, Ricardo Wheelock and Ana Tejeda.

Daymé Arocena- Dance and Voar:  This samba in the style of the Brazilian tradition teaches us a daring and renewed Daymé. The rhythm, the choirs, the sound of the cuica and the interpretation in Portuguese and Spanish, are a total success in the career of this young Cuban jazz player who still has a lot to give us. Get closer to Daymé with this interview that we did recently.

Scarlet Island and Frank Mitchell The fear: The duo of Javier Sampredro and Samuel Delgado continues to surprise with an intense and innovative aesthetic. The strong visual work that they develop with images in dark colors, sharp letters and a speech that, in tune with our reality, sings of pain, fear and the yearning for freedom, takes on a fierce life in this single which is part of his EP Dogs, as a trilogy, together with the homonymous theme and the shouting. The collaboration with the musician Frank Mitchell, with that innate talent, contributes to the explosiveness of this single. Learn a little more about the origin of the group in this link.

Rapzodia, Barbarito Torres and Andrés Pedroso- Green Bolero: What beautiful poetry this bolerito contains. It mixes Leonard Akozta, a rapper who dares to sing, and ambient sounds that identify us, with all that enamored magic of the Cuban that includes cigars and trumpets that set the mood. The combination of the piano harmony, the plucking and the melodious improvisation of Barbarito's tres with the play of voices between Daniela and her grandfather, make this song point to something special and true. 


We open the month of September celebrating our fourth anniversary with the return of AM:PM Magazine Downloads, a moment in which we meet with that divine community of music lovers who have been with us for several years. Summer is over and the return to school has brought the opening of a series of new spaces for music, gastronomy and public enjoyment, such as: Música Punto Cero, at the end of Avenida del Puerto in Old Havana, a project headed by that salsa icon that is Issac Delgado. The Habano Festival and a day of concerts in the capital's Parque Almendares are also announced.



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