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August Overview: Bolivia

By Duck Peters / sounds from here

August, the national month, had a lot of musical activity, especially in terms of concerts and festivals. The days around August 6, Bolivian Independence Day, artists in all cities took the opportunity to celebrate and celebrate the country with their music. 

Near the end of the month, the Alternx festivals stood out, in the city of Santa Cruz, with twenty local acts, most of them emerging; and the Natural Fest, in Santa Cruz and La Paz, with the international presence of Gondwana and Los Pericos, together with Matamba, but with the controversial exclusion of groups announced in the program: Sativa in Santa Cruz, and Suyana, Illapa and Makurka in La Paz, in a clear lack of respect and consideration for the local artists in charge of opening the shows, something criticizable from any point of view.  

These were some of the most striking musical releases of the month:  

eardrum, the project of the singer, composer, producer and actress Alejandra Lanza from Potosí has new material, in this case with the single that serves as a preview of her first album in 12 years, after the well received Lost soul 2010. The musician based in the city of Cochabamba has begun to promote the songs of Gwandena, a concept album that tells the story of Talina, a young girl on a journey of self-knowledge. Under the English label Sounds and Colours, this her second album, co-produced with Chuntu from Chicas Delfín, will be published on September 30, with seven songs sung in Spanish, Quechua and Guarani. In the contagious song that gives its name to this work, Timpana takes us on a sensory journey, full of percussive instruments in the midst of African and Andean sounds, a kind of electronic trance that, to the rhythm of the saya, leads us to inevitably move whole body.

Gwandena is available on platforms, and will have a video clip to be released at the end of September.


Kareliza – You're worth nothing (single/video): The young girl from Santa Cruz, Karely Silva Jiménez, artistically known as Karelyza, presented her debut song, a modern R&B and electro pop number, extremely elegant and memorable, produced by Maurizio Alessio. The 22-year-old soloist promotes the single with a video clip directed by Omaira otl.

Fer Gomez – Astronaut of love (single/video): After publishing two singles in 2021, the Santa Cruz soloist brings a new song that moves between pop, jazz and funk. With music by Gómez, and lyrics shared with producer Marvin Montes, the song has a very well-made video clip that presents scenes in the Salar de Uyuni, as well as in the Meraki theater in the city of Santa Cruz. 

Young Vizcacha – Atomnaya(single): As the project of two musicians from Cochabamba who shared a band in the past, the duo of Fabrizio Aróstegui and Sergio Tellería published a couple of songs, and announced that in September they would continue to publish more songs on platforms, as part of their debut EP. In their first promo they had Marioto, singer of Raroneat's, the group that would germinate the Joven Vizcacha as a guest on vocals.

Becky Villegas – Chaos (single): At 20 years old, the Peruvian-Bolivian soloist makes her debut with a song that she presented for the first time in the Contest of Emerging Singer-Songwriters of Sounds here. The artist based in the city of La Paz recorded the song remotely together with Jotape Villalba, a Bolivian musician and producer based in Mexico. 


The young pianist and composer José André Montaño (Cochabamba, 2005) received the Next 50 distinction from the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, a recognition given to 50 leaders who "through their artistic, educational, athletic excellence or multidisciplinary work -disciplinary, they are guiding the way forward”. Considered a child prodigy when he arrived in the United States in the middle of the last decade, Montaño has established himself as one of the most talented young pianists in North America, and his distinguished career in jazz is an inspiration to other children and youth with disabilities. José André, who has lived in the United States for seven years, has received countless awards and honors over the years, including the Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind Visionary Award for his achievements and talents as a person with vision loss. 

Coming soon

The city of Cochabamba will host the International Scream Rock Festival, on Saturday, September 17. More than a dozen groups will be part of the 2022 edition, with some acts arriving from Colombia, Argentina and Uruguay, and the presence of artists from four cities in the country. The grid has among its highlights the Cruceños León Heraldico and La Luz Mandarina, the Cochabambinos Odas and Napoleon went to Mars, the La Paz Go-Go Blues, Deszaire Project and the Prana, the Argentinian Tregua, the Uruguayan Reytoro and the Colombians Calm down Brava Band. 



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