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August Overview: Argentina

By Juampa Barbero / indie today


The first hot days of August arrived accompanied by new albums, songs, books and movies that we can't help but recommend in this review. It was also a month of great recognition in the music industry: Wos was consecrated with the Gardel de Oro at the 24th edition of the Gardel Awards. The rapper was the most nominated artist of the night: he competed in eight categories, of which he won five, including Best Rock Song for that they get better and Best Alternative Rock Album for dark ecstasy

Between so much shine, We regret to report the death of Karina Vismara at the age of 31. The singer-songwriter and referent of Argentine folk was fired by hundreds of colleagues, who made their condolences known through messages that testified to all the love that she had sown with her art and charisma. 

Here are the featured releases of the month:


Valdes – Once again: The Cordovan duo published their new and fourth album through the Pop Art label. Entitled Once again, and produced by Bernardo Ferrón, the album finds the brothers exploring through different registers, the way to resignify the elegance and energy that characterize their sound proposal. the follower of Postcard (2020) also has a pandemic aura anchored in the uncertainty of the dystopian months we went through for two years. It is a reaction to all that nebula, a hopeful ray of light with the same background scenario: that of reconstruction. An extremely introspective album that shows the growth of the duo at a compositional level.



Miranda! and Dillom- Two: One of the most anticipated collaborations finally materialized. With seventies airs and a more than catchy chorus, the single tells a romantic story that, more than a soap opera, seems to come out of the soundtrack from a horror movie.


Women Island - run inside: the follower of Secret (2020) evidences the incessant search and transformation of the group from La Plata through nine songs produced by Aziz Asse. A powerful and exciting album that releases a breath of fresh air with melodies that pierce hearts at first listen.


The shadows - the nostalgic club: The Pampas group built a bridge that crosses different generations of national music. On their third album, the quartet unfolded their sound proposal, including synthesizers and percussion with nods to eighties groups like Virus and Los Encargados. 

west- wish wish: The alternative pop duo surprised with a deeply intimate album with a strong orchestral presence. Throughout its 11 songs, wish wish embraces funk, lo-fi hip-hop, minimalism, jazz, soul, carioca pop and ballads, guided by the ethnic and experimental pop of the duo made up of Clara Trucco –also the vocalist of Fémina– and producer Montevidean Ignacio Pérez. 


hit theaters An Argentine crime, the film directed by Lucas Combines based on real events, where the disappearance of a renowned businessman unleashes a series of important events and investigations. The script is inspired by the 2022 book of the same name about the case written by Reynaldo Sietecase. 


On the other hand, it reached the bookstores Argentinian stoner. Heavy rock and psychedelia (1995-2020), the book by Carlos Noro and Facundo Llano that covers the history of the musical genre with detailed information about the greatest exponents of the local scene such as Los Natas and Güacho.



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