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April Outlook: Peru

By louis merinoRock Achorao'

April has been a month more than acute and almost unstable. The Government continues to decline with the three powers that govern the country; the price of more staple foods rose in the wake of the conflict on the other side of the continent; Environmental and economic issues and several scandals that stun anyone with memes and virals were not resolved. An unpleasant look for those of us who live here, from Tumbes to Tacna. But with Peruvian music, it has been the other way around. Many of the artists mentioned in this list were touring outside of Peru during the month and they have done wonderfully. Others obtaining great critics of their works and emphasizing their value in the scene. Some counted making an impeccable debut, between experimentations, already established sounds and dream collaborations. Here is a summary with the best of the Peruvian territory, with all the creams.

What happens when you put together two talented bands from Peru and Chile in a single production? You get a track as punchy and full of indie spirit as An earring. The song worked by Autobus x We Are The Grand exhibits a mix of 90s American rock/pop and contemporary alternative indie with voices that recall Argentine rock melodies. An interesting sample of what the recognizable work of both groups in force until today can do.

Ati Lane has accustomed his followers and other curious people to proposals as peculiar as full mary. The work produced with the Peruvian musicians Daniel Quiñones and Myneza Morales, from the DQ productions collective, made a graceful and lugubrious piece with the warm voice of Lane, who wraps a profane feeling that dances around death and loss in his recent single, an unexpected turn but that confirms the versatility of the young Peruvian singer. Listen to it. Highly recommended.

Within the elite of talents of the bicolor urban genre, there is the virtuous duo of Pounda & NoModico, who, being behind various musical projects, always find space with songs as succulent as Rich (Remix). Cataloged as one of their outstanding productions with a nice message of improvement and gratitude, we find characteristic elements of the Lima duo, in the company of other musical brothers such as ACO, Evah, Nero Lvigi and Sky Sapiens, notable artists on the Peruvian scene. intense minutes of beats and rhymes full of feelings that you should not miss.

A production expected by many in Peru. After six years without releasing a new album, Kinder finally announces Winnie Looper, the first single from what will eventually become their next album. The single reflects an interesting growth in the sound of the band, extending through well-crafted sonorities towards the math and post rock, supported by synthesizers in addition to using various innovative resources in the proposal of the experienced band. 

An EP designed to listen and enjoy calmly. The successful bicolor duo of Prime Numbers was not content to share Nobody's home alongside the talented Camille Jackson, and went for more with the release of outside the plot. A total of five songs that are very intense, profound and full of relaxation and quality. Launched at the end of April, it augurs an interesting stage for the independent proposal. Don't lose sight of them, or hear them.

Astronaut Project returned in April with a new phonogram packed with impressions during the pandemic. It was It is a production of ten very intimate pieces that place the album as a subtle change in the proposal commanded by Alberto Zegarra and company, since they managed to reinvent themselves without touching the pop essence of the Lima collective, exploring other melodies to make known the most recondite of each of the members, and thus show themselves vulnerable to situations experienced prior to their galactic production. The intense is left a little aside, so that It was gravitate between dream pop, bossa-nova and other similar genres. Interesting.

Pochi Marambio is endless. The legendary national reggae artist continues to move forward sonically with high performance, where we listen south land in their first production recorded live, to get closer to the charming connection they have with their audience. The album brings together ten hits from the band, recorded from their remembered show at La Cúpula de las Artes in 2021, where not only Pochi, but the entire Marambio family and musicians leave the best for posterity. 

 MayaMaya is the debut album by the Peruvian singer-songwriter Maya Endo, in which she shows us an impeccable presentation of her musical world. The album was produced by Alejandro Rivas (by Alejandro and Maria Laura, already mentioned in the song by Numeros Primos. Andan en todos.) and mastered by sound engineer Matías Cella. You will have eight songs loaded with Indie Folk, Bedroom Pop and even Peruvian Landó. A very striking mix that puts Endo on the map for upcoming productions.

Four songs with a high dose of beats and mixtures oriented to dance and debauchery. It is the premise that we would title Riddim, the recent EP of the Peruvian Dj based in Lukro México, Lukro. Don't be surprised if listening to the material falls short, since it will make you want to listen as many times as necessary and move to the rhythm of reggaeton and its variants until the floor bursts. Guaranteed.



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