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April Outlook: Argentina

By Juampa Barbero | indie today

April was the month where we finally got to hear some releases we've been waiting for a long time. At the same time, there was music that took us by surprise, dazzling collaborations, unforeseen comebacks and albums that do not stop playing on loop. All this and much more in our monthly review that we detail below:


The wait is over: Babasónicos released the long-awaited successor to Debatable (2018). Edited by Popartdiscos, Trench It consists of 11 songs that reflect the group's temperamental ambivalence, interspersing sharp criticism, deep meditations and polarized feelings for 37 minutes. The artistic production was in charge of the band and Gustavo Iglesias, who was in charge of recording and mixing.

After the singles Mexico and data store, Sara Hebe shared the complete repertoire of her fifth album. dirty star It consists of 14 songs that he produced with Ramiro Jota, and includes collaborations with Ana Tijoux, Rattlesnakke, Sassyggirl and The Colorated. Since Pure wachas until Refix, the rapper from Trelew demonstrates a very fresh version of her style, without losing her singular temperament.

The platense duo Peces Raros baffled his audience by premiering a crossover with Thunder. Fascinated by the suggestion of Tatool, its producer, the spokesperson for La Boca resigned Hemlock, the opening of Dogma (2021), by sharpening his verbiage over the stems originals. The result: a version 2.0 that unfolds the forcefulness and immanent sleepwalking of the track thanks to the explosive cohesion between these two dissimilar universes.

Defensa, the Buenos Aires futuristic pop duo made up of Furio and Garoto 3000, released their second studio album through the Yuukii Music label. 7 songs before they cut off our power It has the special participation of vocalists such as Clara Cava, Faraonika and the Spanish María Sioke. A nocturnal odyssey that takes us until the alba with interludes that enhance the most cinematographic and avant-garde side of the project.

In Achilles, Doppel Gangs is the special guest of Wiranda Johansen, who in addition to composing this sentimental ballad, directed the video together with Rafael Nir. After Spilled:): and Puddle, the singer-songwriter of wrapper (2020) keeps one foot in the magic of dreams and the other in the kinetics of dance. A story as faded as it is brilliant that stages the vulnerability of romance through a surreal journey into the unknown.

Much was said about the long-awaited Bizarrap Session #23, to the point that it is hard to believe that he is already with us. However, the star producer did not make it easy for his fans. After announcing the presence of Paulo Londra after two years away from music due to a contractual conflict with Ovy on the Drums, made it a requirement that their fans reach 23 million comments on the posting of their Instagram account. What seemed like a daring, in less than 24 hours became a reality. With this brand new collaboration, both referents reached the top of the ranking world of Spotify, but even so the speculations continue.

Uji premiered oropo, the first cut of his new album and movie time being, due out in October via ZZK Records. On this occasion, the producer born in Buenos Aires displays a ritualistic sensation that is reflected in the symbology-laden video directed by Jazmín Calcarami. Four years have passed since his debut album Dawn, and Uji showed that his exploration of indigenous and ancient traditions is still intact.


The spirit of Virus, the band commanded by Federico Moura during the eighties, It is still valid in the Argentine pop and rock scene of our days. Its influence on future generations is indisputable, something that was demonstrated by the tribute published by Radio Universidad de La Plata in 2004. Reissued this year, the compilation entitled I take what I find: 19 versions of Virus It has several classics reinterpreted by artists from La Plata such as NerdKids, addicted, NormA, Estelares, Sergio Pángaro, Francisco and Juan Pablo Bochatón, among others. 

The 23rd edition of the Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival was held in several rooms of the capital, and extended functions on-line so that no one is left out of this incredible audiovisual experience. As we are used to, the event's program offered a large number of films distributed in different sections and competitions. From established filmmakers of the stature of Hong Sangsoo, Claire Denis and Darío Argento, until debuts national and foreign, the BAFICI delighted the cinephile for two unforgettable weeks. All coverage at this link.


Another of the returns that made us smile from ear to ear was that of the International Book Fair of Buenos Aires. After two years of pandemic, the event that brings together figures from national and international literature was held again for three weeks. traditional ones stands of various editorials and themes filled La Rural to celebrate the return to face-to-face with Mario Vargas Llosa and John Katzenbach as outstanding international figures this year.



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