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Articles Osaín del Monte. Photo: Claudia Remedios. Osaín del Monte. Photo: Claudia Remedios.

Osain del Monte exposed

Osain del Monte is the owner of nature, a saint of the Yoruba religion; but when Adonis Panter Calderón —percussionist, dancer, singer and director of the group— is asked, without hesitation, he replies: “Osain del Monte is also the family of Cuban rumba for the world.” With that vision, this project fuses the feelings of the rumba with other colors, mixes its tradition with other foreign rhythms, without sacrificing authenticity. 

In this audiovisual profile that Magazine AM:PM Produced in collaboration with the Holland Music Meeting Festival — the stage where Osain performed last weekend — the rhythmic patterns and complex singing of Adonis and his group of young percussionists, vocalists and dancers from Havana resonate. as a kind of backstage, to lift the veil of this vibrant group. 

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