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Newness Cuba Cimafunk and Monsieur Periné, Silvio Rodríguez, Celia Cruz, El Chacal with Don Omar with Urban Latin DJ's and Eslan Martin and DJ Unic, Edu Requejo and Chezca Zana, Dayron Ortiz and Máykel Gonzalez, Lenier y Nacho, Arema Arega, Septeto Santiaguero, Orquesta Aragón

Newness Cuba: Catalina (Cimafunk, Monsieur Periné); Quería Saber (Silvio Rodríguez); La Dicha Mía - En Vivo (Celia Cruz)

We start the playlist this week with CatalinaThe song is an explosive collaboration between Cimafunk and the Colombians of Monsieur Periné, born out of the instant chemistry between the artists. It is followed by the return of Silvio Rodríguez with his track Wanted to Know, first release of what will be his next album to be released in the coming weeks.

After almost four decades in oblivion, a cassette with a previously unreleased recording of a concert by the "Queen of Salsa" in 1986 has been rescued. and remastered to commemorate the centenary of his birth. From this recording we have chosen the version of La Dicha Miaa live rendition of the legendary Celia Cruz. Another nostalgic combination of heavyweights brings us El Chacal and Don Omar in the track No Te Enamores De Mi - En La Farandula No Hay Amor, in its version unpluggedwhich is also part of our list this week.

Spain's Edu Requejo teamed up with Chezca Zana to take out PURPLE WATERa fusion of genres in which the discursive line of the Cuban's curious cast stands out. Dayron Ortiz joins Máykel Gonzalez to propose En la Imaginaciónpart of his instrumental album in homage to the outstanding composer Marta Valdés.

This and more proposals make up our selection of Cuban music released this week. As always, we invite you to listen to our playlists complete with Newness Cuba in Spotify and Youtube so that you do not miss the new sounds and artists of the Cuban music scene.

Song Song / ArtistsArtistsListen to
Catalina Cimafunk; Monsieur PerinéCimafunk; Monsieur Periné
Wanted to Know Silvio RodríguezSilvio Rodríguez
En la Imaginación Dayron Ortiz; Máykel GonzalezDayron Ortiz; Máykel Gonzalez
PURPLE WATER Edu Requejo; Chezca ZanaEdu Requejo; Chezca Zana
No Te Enamores De Mi - En La Farandula No Hay Amor - Unplugged Live - en Vivo El Chacal; Don Omar; Urban Latin DJ's; Eslan Martin; DJ UnicEl Chacal; Don Omar; Urban Latin DJ's; Eslan Martin; DJ Unic
La Dicha Mía - Live Celia CruzCelia Cruz
Just Like Me Lenier; NachoLenier; Nacho
They Call Me Groovy - Remix Arema AregaArema Arega
The Axles of my Wagon Septeto SantiagueroSepteto Santiaguero
With A Little Kiss My Love Aragon OrchestraAragon Orchestra
Licensed Akokán OrchestraAkokán Orchestra
Cooking Elephanto; Milton McDonald; EIDIElephanto; Milton McDonald; EIDI
Wines and Airs IroyéIroyé
Ta' To KENDAYA; The Future Out Of OrbitKENDAYA; The Future Out Of Orbit
Marca Mandarina - Prod. by Ernesto Losa Bebeshito; El Taiger; Ernesto LosaBebeshito; El Taiger; Ernesto Losa
Walk Dale Pututi; WampiDale Pututi; Wampi
Sugar Daddy El Chulo; WampiEl Chulo; Wampi
Pa' La Foto - Prod. by 24 Seven EL YORDY DK; MoikanEL YORDY DK; Moikan
Bonche Aymee NuviolaAymee Nuviola
PURE LOVE LucreciaLucrecia
Dance Duo Karma; Marta GómezDuo Karma; Marta Gómez
Without Words Kelvis OchoaKelvis Ochoa
Black Atilia GreterGreter
Not Just Any Kitchen Alex Cuba; Mama MariaAlex Cuba; Mama Maria
HE KNOWS (feat. Lil Nas X) Camila Cabello; Lil Nas XCamila Cabello; Lil Nas X
No Place To Call Home Sweet Lizzy ProjectSweet Lizzy Project
I am not from the new Chezca ZanaChezca Zana
Tropical Western Dream Arema AregaArema Arega
I am well ChaplinChaplin
Mr & Mrs Adorable JancartiiJancartii
IRONY The Dray; DJ CondsThe Dray; DJ Conds
Arere: Ancestral Strength Melvis SantaMelvis Santa
dawn Alex Cuba; Tia YoyaAlex Cuba; Tia Yoya
Nice Pablo Timba; Esteban Galo; The Child and the TruthPablo Timba; Esteban Galo; The Child and the Truth
Easy Song Dayron OrtizDayron Ortiz
The Art of Going to the Watercress and Getting It Right Chezca ZanaChezca Zana
ALEX MachiranMachiran
Prettier in Person Dany Ome; El Chulo; Jacob Forever; Wampi; Kevincito El 13Dany Ome; El Chulo; Jacob Forever; Wampi; Kevincito El 13
Hatred And Chaos MephistoMephisto
Deep Feeling Rumba All-StarsRumba All-Stars
Domain Parapar; NannyParapar; Nanny
Conclusions NestyNesty
You Told Me You Were Calling Joao del MonteJoao del Monte
Night Serenade Lose My Name; The SwiisLose My Name; The Swiis
Pacific Fetecun Yelsy Heredia; Gustavo GerardoYelsy Heredia; Gustavo Gerardo
CHA CHA CHA CHA The Igor; TauruZ.LMMThe Igor; TauruZ.LMM
Yo Soy Tu Bebe Wampi; Aleko; Ignacio LeyWampi; Aleko; Ignacio Ley
Carrousel The Committee; Harold Lopez-Nussa; Rolando Luna; Ibrahim Maalouf; Carlos Sarduy; Irving Acao; Gastón Joya; Yaroldy Abreu; Rodney BarretoThe Committee; Harold Lopez-Nussa; Rolando Luna; Ibrahim Maalouf; Carlos Sarduy; Irving Acao; Gastón Joya; Yaroldy Abreu; Rodney Barreto
RUBI ROSE Chris TamayoChris Tamayo
Bad Being Good Jacob ForeverJacob Forever
Newness Cuba is a playlist created with the purpose of being a window to Cuban music news. Each week, it offers a unique and real time snapshot of the musical news of Cuban artists, regardless of genre or popularity.
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