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Mortal / Manuel Leandro Sánchez

I'm thinking of coming back/ to tell you/ that this city/ to my understanding

Does not exist

MortalManuel Leandro

It is unbearably hot. Thirty-six degrees, with a wind chill of forty. Havana doesn't make me feel like anything. Holguín doesn't make me want anything. The children who are starting to grow up ask that uninstall Holguín. They do not understand that Holguín has been uninstalled for a long time. That the city died. That there is little left of what it was. It evaporated one of these days of forty degrees of temperature. We are left to fight against the passing, the ephemeral, the death of the untouchable. Nothing new.

Maybe that's why Deadly, Manuel Leandro Sánchez's first discographic proposal, comes to materialize what has belonged to us for years, the struggle between getting rid of or remaining.

Manuel Leandro is Manolito for everyone. A troubadour from Holguín who has been writing since he was 14 years old and for some years has been almost the epicenter of the young trova from Holguín. In his peña The club of fools people, friendships, loves, heartbreaks and resignations have grown. There came a moment in the evening when, in communion, we all sang some of his songs, some of his classics, which today can be heard in the anthology on the album Deadly, recently released this year and which already deserved a nomination in the Trova category of the Cubadisco 2023 award, along with The slave route by Gerardo Alfonso and life to lifea tribute to Santiago Feliú.

The nine-track album goes beyond pessimism. If you think it is a pessimistic album you will have to listen to it again. The tracks are just the assumption of temporality as an end, which at the same time condemns us to permanence. Hence its name, MortalEverything is over even if you have left part of your life in nine songs that will always be around. It reminds me of weekends without plans, where you think too much. It reminds me of how Holguín is now, this uninhabited city of illusion[1]. The city of mortality. The city that is gone and only remains in our heads.

Manolito also bears witness to love, heartbreak, and even the sea. The sea that we don't have either, that awaits us at least 33 kilometers away. That sea. Loneliness, fear, absence. Themes that have always accompanied the troubadours, seen through the kaleidoscopic glasses of someone who would not know what else to do.

The themes that inhabit Mortal had already been filmed before in a recording of a concert in Ciego de Avila, made by someone many years ago. Now Alma, Lucerito azul, En vos, Cayendo, La multitud de tu calle sola, Naufragio, Alta hora de la noche, Mirando el juego and MortalThe album, produced by Manuel Leandro and Javier Pérez Rey, is released under the Bis Music label and can be found on all digital music platforms.

From the sound point of view, we do not go to pieces with extravagant arrangements, it is a journey through the lyrics of an author whose music serves as a guide for his feelings and thoughts. The melody and Manolito's soft voice combine to create a nostalgic atmosphere that invites to the contemplation of the me before any abyss.

The other accompanying musicians (Rafa López Camejo, Carlos Vega, Carlos Ledea, Javier Pérez Rey, Senia López Camejo, Diego Rodríguez, José Manuel Fernández and Alejandro Mulet) create, musically, an intimate scene full of images that enclose the poetic and emotional potential of the work.

Mortal it gathers my uninstalled city, our happy years, the nights with friends, the silence of the early mornings, and leaves that which was - and will not return - condemned to permanence, in poetry and in a guitar that will remind us of who we were when we lived. as if surrendering everything/ sheltering freedom in the skin.[2]

[1] In you, Manuel Leandro.

[2] Falling, Manuel Leandro.

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  1. Juliette says:

    What a great report Anyi, hugs, and Manolito if it were not for him for me this city would not make sense, I love him!

  2. Mario Romera says:

    Very nice my girl, I am very proud of you.

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