Ilustración de portada: Robertiko Ramos.
Ilustración de portada: Robertiko Ramos.

Magazine AM:PM no. 7

3 minutes / Magazine AM:PM

21.10.2020 / Issues

The great magazine makers say that number seven marks the coming of age of a publication; that anyone one day launches into this romantic adventure and publishes a first installment, but, in the end, the most important thing is to survive the magic number. In Magazine AM: PM we do not know if the enigmatic digit brings us good fortunes and a long life, but we are sure that this seventh edition comes amid many doubts and few certainties for the music industry, one of the most affected in the crazy year that we are living. Faced with this scenario, and from the cover signed by Robertiko Ramos, we went out to look for some answers in the first report that opens the number.

In this volume we also settle an old debt: to investigate the overabundance of music festivals in Cuba. As to talk about the future we must also look to the past, we made a trip to the 90s when, after almost 30 years of Egrem's monopoly in the Cuban record industry, new labels appeared that competed and energized the music scene ; We search among the foundations of the tenth to understand its present in the XXI century; and we also peek into the story of one of our most charismatic promoters. The adventure is completed by the usual reviews, a fragment of an unpublished novel generously given by Legna Rodríguez Iglesias - one of the most interesting voices in current Cuban literature - to our readers; a poster-faced gallery by Ixchel Casado; and the final dialogue with Osmani Espinosa, a revealing exchange in more ways than one.

If the number seven marks our coming of age, then it must be celebrated as it deserves.

In this edition:

  • • The future of the industry: between uncertainty and action (report) - Eileen Sosin Martínez

  • • Literature feat. Music: I don't hear heavy metal (excerpt from an unpublished novel) - Legna Rodríguez Iglesias

  • Literature feat. Música: Yo no oigo heavy metal (fragmento de novela inédita) — Legna Rodríguez Iglesias

  • • The eternal reinvention of the décima (article) - Lorena Sánchez

  • • In each block a festival (report) - Indira Hernández

  • • Ixchel Casado: music has the face of a poster (gallery) - Ixchel Casado

  • • Backstage: Omar Mederos (article) - Jorge Alejandro Aragón

  • • Icon / Aragón Orchestra (review) - Adriana Orejuela Martínez

  • • The Champions / Yomil and El Dany (review) - Jesús Jank Curbelo

  • Icono / Orquesta Aragón (reseña) — Adriana Orejuela Martínez

  • • Osmani Espinosa, swimming in urban waters (interview) - Leannelis Cárdenas Díaz

They also collaborated::

Jennifer Ancizar / Duchy Man / Robertiko Ramos / Cartel Studio

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