Ilustración de portada: Diana Carmenate
Ilustración de portada: Diana Carmenate

Magazine AM:PM no. 5

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25.03.2020 / Issues

The fifth issue of Magazine AM:PM will find many of our readers quarantined. And in quarantine, we have finished editing and designing the contents that we propose so that they remain connected from home with music and those who make it possible.

In the magazine we have set out to investigate in depth the representation and participation of women in the Cuban musical ecosystem, asking ourselves how to (re)build it from a truly diverse action, with opportunities and equitable recognition. Therefore, this number 5, feminine almost entirely, is not accidental.

The protagonists of this issue are Cary Diez, musicologist and defender of the rumba; María Teresa Vera and her Mujer perjura; singer and songwriter Danay Suárez; Ela O`Farril; Teresita Fernández and Omara Portuondo —who appear on the occasion of their 90th birthday and through the memories of another great one: Marta Valdés—; and another twenty women who, in representation of the many who work for and for music, help us to rebuild the musical ecosystem in 21st century Cuba.

These pages -which also contain reportages, reviews, interviews, a photo gallery- open with the great cover of Diana Carmenate, our guest designer for this edition, where the wink towards women and music is evident. So now you know, stay home, and read these texts to make the (self)quarantine more bearable.

In this edition:

  • Havana World Music: how to cook a festival (reportage) — Lianet Hernández
  • Ela O'Farril, Omara Portuondo and Teresita Fernández, in their 90s (chronicle) — Marta Valdés
  • She sang boleros (Literature feat. Music) — Guillermo Cabrera Infante
  • Modernization of the Cuban music industry between determination and urgency (interview) — Rafa G. Escalona
  • The house that was Thursday (Deconstructing the night) — Gladys Marlenys Quesada
  • The ecosystem of Cuban music through 20 women names — Magazine AM:PM
  • Mujer perjura after 100 years (article) —Rafael Valdivia
  • (Almost) anonymous pieces in a musical city (gallery) — Jorge Luis Toledo
  • Cary Diez (Backstage) - Ned Sublette
  • Carnal, repeating formulas or being a market snack (review) — Isely Rojas
  • Arriving at Capitalia (review) - Nahela Hechavarría Pouymiró
  • Gente de Zona: the same thing? (review) —Lalau Yllarramendiz Alfonso
  • Danay Suárez, under the influence of God and nature (interview) — Rafa G. Escalona

In addition they collaborated:

Román Alsina/ Diana Carmenate/ Gabo Lara/ Mola/ Monkc (illustratxrs); Natalia Favre/ Gabriel Guerra Bianchini/ Iván Soca/Evelyn Sosa/Jorge Luis Toledo (photographxrs).

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