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Issues Cover of Magazine AMPM no. 3. Illustration: Giselle Monzón.

Magazine AM: PM no. 3

We arrived at the year. What seemed like a dream in June 2018 is crystallizing as a reality: we have a magazine to talk about music in Cuba. The happiness of the anniversary is mixed with the celebrations for the centenary of the most popular Cuban music artist of all time, the legendary Benny Moré, and that is why our cover shows him to the Barbarian of the Rhythm played by Giselle Monzón.

In this special issue we bring a Deconstructing the night dedicated to the young but already established sanctuary of the song in Havana, La Casa de la Bombilla Verde; a small comic in homage to Benny in its beginnings; an article about the Cuban scene in Barcelona; the usual reviews and much more.

In this edition we bring you to:

  • AM-PM Music has no fixed schedule (Article) - Carmen Souto Anido
  • Dismantling the night: The House of the Green Bombilla (Chronicle) - Diana Ferreiro
  • The Hierrezuelo lineage. Reynaldo and Caridad (Interview) - Sigfredo Ariel
  • Giving the note: Art Bembé (Chronicle) - Marta Valdés
  • The young Benny (Comic) - Irán Hernández, Sigfredo Ariel
  • Music office: Music is my life ... what will I do when I graduate? (Comment) - Darsi Fernández
  • Literature feat. Music: Piano (Poem) - Emilio Ballagas
  • His name is Bakosó (Review, Documentary) - Eileen Sosin Martínez
  • The Committee: The boys just wanna have funk (Review, Album) - Agapito Martínez
  • Rxnde Akozta, bullet in the air (Review, Album) - Jesús Jank Curbelo
  • Cuban sound in Barcelona (Article) - Daniella Fernández
  • Music market in 2018 (Infographic) - María José Sardiñas
  • Ibeyi: What's your sound? (Interview) - Rafa G. Escalona

In addition they collaborated: Giselle Monzón, Mayo Bous, Kalia Venereo (illustrators); Fernando Medina, Dynamicart, Gabriel G. Bianchini, Toussant Avila, Eli Jacobs-Fantauzzi and David Uzochukwu (photographers).

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  1. orestes says:

    I love the magazine: the articles in their majority and the always exact design. congratulations and successes next year

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