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The concerts at La Fuente de la Juventud, acoustics and discomfort

Apparently the UJC, the MINCULT, the People's Council Plaza de la Revolución or God knows who, have a lot of money to pay the energetic cost involved in mounting a platform, light it, mount audio equipment (console, reference, speakers, microphones, etc. .) and do all this by the Havana Malecon, for 4 cats badly located in the Fuente de la Juventud.

My problem is not that I do not see the need to offer young people fun. My problem is that I can not understand why Cuba, "the Island of Music", does not know about three elementary things:

  1. The live concerts begin at 6:00 pm and do not last more than two hours, in order to save on lights and therefore electric power, which I understand Cuba is still far from producing as to afford to waste this way.
  2. The spaces are chosen seeking to affect the least amount of citizenship possible, and that is what creates the so-called acoustic shell, which any graduate musician of Carturla knows how to achieve. It's easy, gentlemen of mine: mount the stage opposite the boardwalk with the speakers directed towards the sea and the artists with their backs to Paseo Avenue.
  3. The volume is kept low to prevent the NTV from being heard 50 meters away and at the height of an 8th floor. Why yes, readers, sound is a physical phenomenon that rises; the tac tac tac of the key can be heard on a 20 floor and barely heard at the side of the percussionist.

The writer Cintio Vitier spent a good part of his life imploring the listener and at all the corresponding levels the need to respect public spaces and not to subject the citizen to the obligation to hear something by force. I clarify, the two sons of this great Cuban intellectual ARE musicians so his problem was not with music, it was with the chusmeria of violating peace to the human being with unwanted sounds at inconceivable volumes except for Black Sabbath or Rainbow; Perhaps the state sound abuse to which they were subjected Cintio and Fina inspired to this when he said «it is not that he lacks the sound, it is that he has silence».

Apparently we have reached a new stage of the citizen's lack of respect when state entities abuse power, tormenting the population, and neither the PNR takes action on the matter, or if it does, the responsible entities remain on their own despite of sorrows.

Go irony, writing this a few days of the Congress of the UNEAC. It will be that none of its members -not those of other governmental and / or political entities- live in these places and therefore do not care. Or will it be that we continue on the path of advancing in the chusmification of Cuban society?

The sad thing is that from experience I know that the concerts in the neighborhoods of Silvio Rodriguez do not torment the neighbors; when Casa de las Américas celebrates its Canto de Todos, it is surrounded by an office building and the Martí park, instead, what they do in the Fuente de la Juventud for practically no one, is only serving so that the neighbors I love acerco tell me "why complain, if they never listen to us? Do not wear out, it's not worth it. "

But I have known Dr Calviño since I was a child and I know that fighting against bad things will always be worth it.

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