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Most popular in Magazine AM: PM in 2019

2019 has been the year in which, thanks to our readers, we have established ourselves as a music magazine in Cuba.
What seemed like a chimera in 2018 when we launched, has been gaining consistency through reviews, interviews, playlists, articles and reports in which we have tried to portray the past and present of Cuban music and its contexts. To celebrate a little, here we leave the ten materials that caused the most interest to the community of Cuban music lovers who visited our site during 2019.

The Cuban albums of the year (in this case of 2018),once again stole the attention of the audience; We are glad to know that this space created for a group of experts and music lovers to share those phonograms that marked them in the year that ends is popular (don't miss the 2019 selection very soon).

The rebirth of the contest Adolfo Guzmán returned half Cuba in front of the TV on Sunday nights. To our team the charm lasted very little, just what measured between the beginning and end of the first transmission. The reasons for disenchantment put forward after that first week remained intact in the rest of the season. Hopefully, if you come back, consider everything that was pointed out to the show.

What would happen if Mayito Rivera, Alexander Abreu and Alain Pérez joined forces? Would the known universe explode? We did not reach that much, but they did release an album that broke our coconut with each of their ten songs..

The cast is the soundtrack of our day. And he has a king. And his name is Yosvani Arismin Sierra Hernández, a.k.a. Chocolate MC. This year we had the pleasure of publishing a profile that analyzes the origin of the mystery that the most popular and irreverent of the musicians of the current Cuban scene preaches.

Here at home we are lovers of the Other roads section Other roads of Santiago seriesof Santiago, those little stories told by diverse people about their relationship with Santiago Feliú. Imagine our joy when we could have an anecdote from the hand of that other great musician who is the Argentine Juan Carlos Baglietto..

Everyone loves old photographs, which remind us of glorious moments of that past time better. Sebas Elizondo's photos speak of thatof those days in which the song had a place of honor in popular taste, in which Fito Páez and Xiomara Laugart could converge in a hallway.

Of the many playlists we designed this year, none seems to have liked it as much as Laura de la Uz did for us,an artist who knows three or four things about Cuban music and shared them with us.

If there is an unconventional band in Cuba today it is the Interactive Ensemble of Havana. What in principle should have been an interview with its founder, pianist and composer José "Pepe" Gavilondo, regarding his participation in the OneBeat exchange program, ended up being human beings. an immersion in the restless mind of a man for whom music It is an essential expressive vehicle, a way of connecting as, a way of connecting as human beings.

And the list of popular works on our site closes a review of the album Sonocardiograma, the most recent record production of that portento that is Daymé Arocena. They should not stop listening to an album that has delighted critics and audiences around the world throughout this 2019.

Here is the complete list:

  1. Cuban disks of the year 2018 (chosen by the critics) 
  2. Adolfo Guzmán 2019 Contest: Week 1
  3. It is the story of a love
  4. The Egrem gave the order: To break the coconut
  5. The Gospel according to San Choco
  6. Other roads of Santiago: Juan Carlos Baglietto talks about Santiago
  7. Photos stolen from the eighties Cuban music
  8. Laura de la Uz: Some songs from my life
  9. Pepe Gavilondo: "They are taking curiosity away from people"
  10. The heartbeats of Daymé Arocena

Other works we recommend:

The 10 posts with the most interaction on Facebook:

1- The heartbeats of Daymé Arocena
2- Italuba Big Band... a jam without artifices
3- Dismantling the night: The Green Bulb House
4- Adolfo Guzmán 2019 Contest: Week 1
5- Photos stolen from the eighties Cuban music
6- Yusa x Oscar Sánchez, the charm is mutual (MxM)
7- Giving the note: CD Chucho Valdés and Irakere (Original Collection of Cuba)
8- ¿El arma secreta del Festival de cine de Gibara?
9- Varadero Josone 2019: we want more like this
10- Literature feat. Music: Three poems by Luis Lorente

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