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Playlists Laura of the Uz. Photo: Héctor Garrido. Laura of the Uz. Photo: Héctor Garrido.

Laura de la Uz: Some songs from my life

If you were the lucky ones to attend that Reality Show with Laura de la Uz that the excellent Cuban actress presented a couple of times a few years ago, you know that Laurita loves music, sings (and well) whenever she can and has incarnated to the immense Celia Cruz in the theater. Here you have a playlist of her favorite songs that, she says, she will sing one after the other for anyone who wants to listen to her. We aim, without fail.

The love of my hut. Julio Brito Hernández

Sitting as a child, in the armchair where I rocked in the living room of my house, in the neighborhood of Los Sitios, while I watched hypnotized the dolls that were the image of that song. That's how I met her

The glory are you. José Antonio Méndez

The voice of José Antonio Méndez, pure feeling, feeling, vacilón and downloads at parties where I sing, I've sung and I'll sing it forever.

Longina. Manuel Corona

For a long time, while I was walking my legs in Havana, under the sun that we all know, I was singing it over and over again and again and trying at every beginning, to find a way to sing it better.

The other side. Frank Delgado

While passing the National School of Theater Instructors, in the Special Period, we had refuge in the house of Celia Rosa, who gave us food and everything we had ... and what not also. Frank Delgado arrived there and we enjoyed private concerts with the students of the beloved teacher.

Al final de este viaje. Silvio Rodríguez

I used it at the end Weekend in Bahia I rode to graduate as a director. For me, it is to live with consciousness of being alive, with the awareness of the miracle that is life.

Only rainbow. Santiago Feliú

Camilo Egaña had a program that we all loved: Buenas Noches Ciudad. One of those nights he invited me and I fell in love with the radio. That day I asked for this song. It was the end of the year of 1991. My friends from the ENIT were all going to their provinces and I already missed them. This is one of my favorite Santi, which we did not miss any concert.

Perdóname conciencia. Pilot and Vera

The years that I lived with my friend Mercy in her apartment in Vedado (I had mine in Alamar), we used to arrive each of the work and sit on the balcony to watch the sunset drinking a liquor and listening to Beny Moré. In those times, I loved playing imitating "La Mora".

Habana Abierta. The complete disc.

I will never forget what it was like to have in my hands the cassette of this record, after a long time of not knowing anything about so many friends. I was in Chile, doing The Stain and full of nostalgia for mine. I lived alone in a room, put the cassette and did not stop dancing and sing alone. No one near me could understand what I felt with those songs. The language, the stories and the ideas of my generation!

Seven days. Descemer Bueno and Kelvis Ochoa

In the 90s, almost all of my generation left Cuba and we began to stay scattered and without friends. Feeling of a city that little by little was left empty of laughter, songs and complicity. One day and little by little, some, only some, we started to return.

Chan Chan. Compay Segundo

I have a message from my love saved in that song.

Lo material. Juan Formell

I played with my daughter to learn it by heart watching me sing it and dance it in the purest seventies style. He learned it by heart, not only the lyrics, but the movements and the voice. She was only five years old, the poor thing.

Sunflowers. Telmary and William Vivanco

The opportunity to be part of the Interactive family and share that emotion with so many friends. A mongrel that the Santi Feliú gave me behind the scenes, while I was wearing a rumba ... and many plays in concert with my friend-sister Amanda, Robertico Carcassés and other characters from Havana.

If she lacked me. Pablo Milanés

Definitely the song that explains how I feel about my daughter Amaranta. My sense, my entrails, my light, my whole life ...

Switch to. X Alfonso

We listen to it with Hector, my husband and our children when we go on the highways, traveling anywhere. We love X and this theme and all of the disc Reverse They always accompany us on trips. It's a scream that I have inside.

Family photo. Carlos Varela

I find my voice, what I want to say, what I feel as Cuban, as part of a generation that I am proud of. Concerts, friends ... and all the memories of so many years and so much shared history.

…And all, all Van Van, that as Luis Alberto García says, are the soundtrack of our generation.

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