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The Cuban hip hop culture on Facebook

Today philosophy and humanities take the image as the center of their reflections, that is, we live the so-called iconic twist. There has also been a paradigm shift concerning new information and communications technologies, which causes life in society to be reconfigured. Although I believe that there are still technological and knowledge gaps present in hiphoperas for multiple reasons, we must recognize the doors that open, as well as the intense work of some activists in bringing to fruition a successful culture that has a presence of more than three decades in Cuba. An interesting phenomenon has been developing on Facebook for some time: the creation of diverse groups that support hip hop culture. Here are some of them:

The People of the Moña * of Cuba (Public. 7.6 thousand members)

Dedicated to the promotion/nostalgia/ memory of what would be the background of the Hip Hop culture in our country. Through photos and videos, Internet users can get an approach to the pioneers of the moñera scene , the technology or "slipper" used in that historical period (late 70s, 80s), some of the songs that marked the era, the dialogic reunion of those who live in the diaspora with those found in national territory, etc. The administrators of the group are Humberto Hernández, Adalberto Jiménez Chacón, Abel David Sardiñas, and Abilio Ernesto Aguilera.

Forever Wilanga Party U2s x R&B ( Public . 75 members)

A tribute to William Torres Díaz ( Wilanga Party ), one of Cuba's most prolific moñeros, who defended this cultural dimension to the last breath. He was also a showman showman of legend. The creators-administrators of this group (75 members) are Tania Calderón and Lessy Valdés Hernández. Without a doubt, Yosotros is another of the key groups (1,484 members). Its creator-administrator: Elier Álvarez Arcia (El Brujo), is one of the main drivers of Spoken Word in Cuba. This site is dedicated to the promotional work of national and international hip-hoppers, album reviews, news, video clips, links to curious web pages about hip hop ... Many intense discussions about hiphopera culture have taken place (and continue to take place) here.

Cover of the Facebook group El Club del Espendrú.

Cover of the Facebook group El Club del Espendrú.

The Espendrú Club (Public. 506 members) 

Here, various dimensions related to racial issues are addressed, statistics on Afro-descendants in Latin America, concert announcements and hip-hop clubs, conferences, videos, projects appear. Renowned intellectuals like Sandra Álvarez, Tomás Fernández Robaina, Rogelio Martínez Furé and Roberto Zurbano are publicized here, where there are also popular rappers like Telmary Díaz and Yamay Hernández (La Fina). Its administrators-moderators are Lisandra Landrián, the rapper duo Obsession, and Afros Power.

Beyond Roots (Private. 1,525 members)

Dedicated to making visible the first store of Afro products for Cubans and Cubans: combs, handbags, wallets, shorts, perfumes, jewelry, personalized natural products for hair, and historical data of interest, are some of the contents that can be found promoted in this site. It is worth clarifying that Beyond Roots goes beyond the sale of Afro products, it also has an educational dimension and establishes alliances with sectors of the Hip Hop culture in Cuba such as the Barber Street cultural project, directed by Roberto Álvarez "El Niño". Adriana Sánchez Heredia is the creator of the business, and also the group administrator.

Queens of the Urban Hip Hop Potaje (Public. 156 members)

The main objective of this platform (as it appears in its presentation) is to make women visible in this recognized festival created by Pedro Enrique Muñoz ( Akademia Zulus Pedro), and to support it. Events such as the LCF Freemakia (Cuban Freestyle League ), Freestyleaudiovisuals of the globally known Battle of Roosters promoted by Redbull, rounds of filters, promotions, photos, among others, are also addressed. Its administrators are Akademia Zulus Pedro and Arliety Ramírez.

Open- Mic (Open microphone) (Public. 239 members)

Promote independent video clips uploaded to YouTube, collaborations between rap artists, photos, songs located on the Soundcloud platform, among other cultural dimensions.

Cover of the Facebook group Los Aldeanos de Corazón (Fans).

Cover of the Facebook group Los Aldeanos de Corazón (Fans).

Los Aldeanos de corazón (Fans) (Private. 4,017 members)

Its main objective is the exchange between admirers of the Villagers, as well as the publication of some of the most famous phrases of the popular rapper duo.

Cuban B. Boys (Public. 334 members)

It's administrators: Yunior Ramírez and Tito Gladiador. Here are promoted texts on the art of breakinnews, and comments related to the proposal of inclusion of breakdance breakdance in the Olympic Games in Paris 2024; radio programs specialized in hip hop culture like the Argentine DAMN!, video clips, fragments of films about this dance, etc.

It is worth clarifying that these are not the only sites, there are others. I would advise (for future research and for lovers of alternative music, urban music and freestyle) to follow the roadmap of other interesting groups (national and international) created on Facebook as Old Class Hip Hop Medayo (which promotes the work of collectors of long plays and hiphopera music technology in Medellín, Colombia), and among its members and friends are Cuban artivists , Stereo G Festival, Rock in Cuba, Electronic Music made in Cuba, Music @ Urban @ / Cub @, Music , Sport & More, Cuban Reggaeton and Farándula, Mundo Urbano, Alexis Díaz Pepper Readers, and Born Improviser. Improvisation Workshop with the Pepper Method; another way of thinking ( us) as a nation through music and its many socio-cultural derivatives. Also in terms of validating our historical memory through so-called microhistories and technologies. Some of these digital communities have figures ranging from 7,000 to 10,148 members.


*Moña: Término que define a la comunidad de personas amantes de géneros y estilos musicales afronorteamericanos. Desde el denominado sonido Motown (principalmente soul) hasta géneros y estilos como el r&b; funk, new jack swing, y algunos elementos de la música disco y pop. Estas músicas eran importadas a Cuba en los años setenta y ochenta gracias a los marineros mercantes, militares, y al ingenio de los técnicos/ingenieros electrónicos. 

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