Diseño: Román Alsina
Diseño: Román Alsina

Musical institutions in Cuba: mapping the foundations

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31.08.2020 / Articles

In Cuba there are about 20,000 professional musicians, not counting amateurs, hustlers, or those who sing sporadically in the guateque or under the shower. 

Last February, an official analysis by the Cuban Ministry of Culture about the current situation of the music business system on the island, diagnosed “financial undercapitalization and failure to take advantage of links with tourism”, among other more or less chronic diseases. Probably part of these conclusions has been provided by the final report of the Mincult-Onudi-Koica Project: “Strengthening the competitiveness, organizational performance and export capacity of the Cuban music industry”, which we discussed in our previous edition with its coordinator, Yolaida Duharte . 

Since then, the Cuban authorities have created a working group to improve the institutional and business system of music on the island. But how is this institutional and business system currently composed?  

Waiting for deeper future insights, this infographic tries to photographically answer that question and in some way dialogue with other works in our magazine. We include here not only state organizations that from the Ministry of Culture relate to musicians and their works, but also other organizations that have occupied a relevant place in the production, mediation or consumption of music in our country, from other institutions .

instituciones-musica-cuba-infografia. Ilustración: Román Alsina.instituciones-musica-cuba-infografia. Ilustración: Román Alsina.

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