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Giving stick / Wildey

Five seconds of silence and drink: El Niño de Atocha opens with what looks like a manifesto: “Papá Elegguá He says, walk me pretty there / don't abandon me / to take care of my children and / hit songs”. What more could you need in life?


Wildey is a stick machine. And not because he was a boxer. Giving stick is hitting songs. I saw him once in the La Creme studio. With rotation and his yellow drum like the sleeves of his wide sweater. Before entering the booth he said he had no idea what he was going to do. He hooked up his headphones, they put an empty key on him and in ten minutes he improvised a song. A stick. I stayed with that choir for two or three days in my head. Livan Pro took the piano and put chords on top of Wildey's melody, they do it backwards to what you've always seen. When the subject came up it was not a hit like I have money or Usually. But I spent two or three more days with the choir in my head. 

I don't know where he gets the ideas. They must be things that the blood brings.


The disk that opens with Papa Eleggua It is called precisely giving stick. It came out at the end of 2021; It's the last thing he's done. With Deluxe included there are 27 songs almost all produced by El Pibe. There is also music from Livan Pro, from HM Music, from Power Music, from Galaxy.

None of this is decisive because none of them contributes any particular sound: enough synthesizers and 3×4 to accompany Wildey while he shines and spends the rest of the album reminding you that this year is his year, and that all his songs are not songs but songs. Because those songs do not have to build socialism nor do they have to bring peace to the world. The most they should bring is the peace of each one of them, to continue taking care of their children and hitting songs. And filling concerts in bars. And a little inner happiness to those who listen.

Wildey announced the album in a direct on Instagram. He said that he had been working in silence for some time and that it was his turn to be one again. I was kind of angry I don't know why. He railed against some, blessed others. As usual. In that direct premiered the taunt: "Again I'm going to become a sensei / I'm going to prove that the father's name is Wildey".

That's where the common thread of the disc goes.

I start to hear it any very bad day of the very bad days that run. With the brain split in half and the body in pieces. Suddenly I withdraw.

I really like, for example, Pire. “Fill up with courage, take your little place and don’t turn back / go ahead, mommy *** and ***/ and like Michael Jackson, pireee” asterisks: unintelligible words. Sometimes he has a sweet potato in his mouth and I don't understand half of what he's talking about. But I take it like when I listen to music in German. I go with him, I unload him.

I like it a lot As usual, the only one that is not a pure cast: it sounds like traptón.

Fichurea with Anubix, El Chulo, Lobo Malo, Yulindo, with whom he has already shared a hit called a couple of years ago the paw, with Charly Maykol, and three times with Harryson, his partner in Iré Omá.

Each of these voices brings the same as the producers.

None of the 27 songs is hitting the streets right now because the competition is very tough. The podium is full of delivery men #1. In giving stickIn fact, there are two or three. That doesn't make it a good record or a bad record. There is no need to. 

on the last stick Vermin, which launched a few days ago as singleWildey's been unloading for an hour and a half and I've been somewhere else for an hour and a half, dancing to myself and laughing to myself as if I had smoked. He has the luxury of doing it: in any case, he already closed in two sentences of Papa Eleggua what anyone would take an essay. 

“Daddy Elegguá I start the record again, walk me pretty there / don't abandon me / to take care of my children and / hit songs”.

every three minutes never better said Wildey repeats that he is going to show you where the water enters the coconut.

It may be that he enters there, for joy, even from time to time.

The truth was always somewhere else.

Listen giving stick here.

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