Diseño: María José Sardiñas /Fotos: Cortesía de Cimafunk.
Diseño: María José Sardiñas /Fotos: Cortesía de Cimafunk.

Is the work of a successful artist lonely?

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22.07.2020 / Articles

What almost no one says is that, as success is conquered, the more complicated everything becomes. The more exposure and fans an artist has, the more the media and the public demand of him; the proposals for tours, interviews, collaborations and work in general increase; the more careful and coherent the image that you project must be; will have more requirements and expectations from a technical point of view; in short ... the thing will get complicated and the time will seem that it does not reach him. And sacrificing creation, testing, and social and family activity itself should not be an option. Not a healthy option at least.

Growing as an artist and increasing the audience leads to better work planning and the need to organize things so that you can focus on the creative part of the process - which is supposed to have placed you in a place of preference for your audience - and find allies.

Those allies will soon become important links in a chain that includes various moments and specializations in the music industry. Knowing how to find the right people to carry out these tasks increases, at the same time, your chances of success.

Most musicians and their managers are very jealous of the people they hire, and that could be the key to everything that comes after, because when there is a good team behind, it almost always means that there is an artist with skills in front of leadership and knowledge of the business world and, above all, that respects its public and believes that it deserves everything.

In case you still are not clear, Magazine AM: PM has decided to show you how much teamwork there is in a musician's career through this infographic of the Cimafunk team.

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