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Reviews Cover of the album "La revancha de la manana", by El Tipo Este and Al Quetz. Cover of the album "La revancha de la manana", by El Tipo Este and Al Quetz.

El Tipo Este, the rematch

We are talking about this album that was five years in the oven of his head, too much done. He is in Washington and I am in Havana. I hearing: Feeling, sabrosura./ The abuse of rhythm, dictatorship. / Al Quetz, Tipo Este, there is no moderation. / Feel the verb, the sound: madness. That flow, that creativity that makes El Tipo not repeated in 23 years of rap. And some drums, a flute, a thing. The cover is a woman with a rifle. Title, The rematch of the manana.

The idea of Al Quetz, a French producer, was to unite Alexey, El Tipo Este, with Danay Suárez and Miki Flow. With Miki, who stands out for that clean voice and flow precise in Supreme Explosion; with Danay, melodious, so rapper. It would have been a wonder album but it was not, so when Al Quetz stepped on Cuba in 2013, it started The rematch of the manana just with Alexey ... In 2013.

"The idea was to make spontaneous songs. He made 40 beats and I chose these, "he says. "But I'm the height of the slowness to get something out. I could have had a wider record production if not for that mania of perfection. " He is meticulous. Once, they told me, he interrupted the recording of a song because he was bothered by a word in a verse. Stop everything. In full study. The musicians left him space. Two weeks later, when he found the exact word, Alexey recorded.

"I do not care about the time," I tell him and I think he's right because he has abandoned, as far as I know, three solo albums already advanced, after years of managing them; because this is the first one that ends as a soloist and because Obsession, a group of which he is a part, does not release an album from El disco negro, in 2011.

"I do not care about the time," I tell him because I really enjoy how he dares with choruses type soul, Afro-type choirs; how do you handle that flow Rastafarian and get inflections, native nuances. "I'm in love with this album because it's me: committed, comedic, in love, Cuban." There's love (Tu verá), partidera (Regla Sound System), spoken word (Tierra, semillas, frutas), political commitment (Ya no me pertenezco), and all the time the precise rhyme (From now on it will always be like this, / from January to December / you will have to listen to me), those super distinctive chronicles of Obsession.

The problem is that six years is enough time for them to forget one. Even though there are still people who know how to value / the elementary.

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