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Time passes and your voice remains, always your voice

It seemed incredible that, a few months apart, I could have in my hands another musical production starring la Novia del Feeling, our beloved Omara Portuondo. Once again surrounded by youth and excellent musicians, the boys of the Failde Orchestra, born defenders of traditional music, to sing to a giant of Cuban musical history, our Benny Moré, a figure that she had the opportunity to meet and that served as paradigm for her career.

This union gives us the CD Siempre tu voz, material that, beyond reaffirming the transcendence of the Bárbaro del Ritmo from the musical opulence that his centenary could represent, resorts to simplicity and to be consistent with the gallant sonority immanent to the music defended by him.

Hence the innumerable values that stand out from this phonogram, from the excellent appropriation of the musical concept that identifies Benny, the correct selection and balance of the repertoire, to the musical arrangements of the anthological songs that appear in it. Values that today reward him with a Cubadisco Special Award 2019 and, a few days ago, placed him at # 50 of the iTunes Top list in Mexico.

This production allows, at the same time, the reunion with la Novia del Feeling, through musical compositions that accommodate her vibrant and accented voice to each of the genres evoked in the material, closer to her comfort zone, something that its appreciated and evidences another of the successes of this material.

The curatorship denotes a musical dramaturgy thought and elaborated from the bolero as a guiding axis that generates balance between the different tempos handled in the rest of the genres that make up the selected repertoire: the chachachá, the tango-congo, the mambo and the salsa. The album allows a coherent listening when going from the simplicity of a flute solo to the beginning of the song Te quedarás, until the explosive and salsera combination exposed in the last song, Siempre tu voz.

The selection of the repertoire is another of the relevant achievements of this phonogram. Excellent work designed by Pedro Pablo Cruz, based the musical discourse on the concept of homage that arises from the very idea of this production. Only the presence of boleros like Te quedarás, Cómo fue, Hoy como ayer, and ¡Oh, Vida!, it presupposes a tribute to iconic titles within Benny's repertoire, but which are interpreted under the musical formulas of a genre that has grown alongside our Omara. It also happens with other issues such as Las mulatas del chachachá, Mata siguaraya or La múcura, to which the unique voices of Telmary, William Vivanco and Johnny Ventura join him.

On the other hand, the constant re-signification of traditional music, the hallmark of the Failde Orchestra's artistic work, contributes to the musical result achieved in this phonogram, by the successful musical conjugation of the peculiar sound of a current danzonera orchestra like the Orquesta Failde example of a successful hybridization of the contemporary and the traditional, with intentional arrangements that pay tribute to the fundamental elements that distinguish the original versions of these songs, taking into account the characteristics of the instrumental format, the musical influences of the time, the artistic and interpretative projection of the musicians and Benny Moré himself , etc.

It is necessary to highlight the boldness of Ethiel Failde, who debuted as a producer and musical director, when facing two milestones in the history of Cuban music, as well as the sound quality achieved from the work done by Orestes Águila and Daelsis Pena, experienced specialists in this field. They also contribute Orlando Vistel and Osvaldo Pérez in the musical production, and the coherent visual design and photography of María Carolina García and Eduardo Rawdríguez.

Siempre tu voz  It is a sound musical proposal, renewed and respectful, that brings us closer to anthological themes popularized by Benny Moré and performed in this 2019, year of its centenary, by Omara Portuondo and the Failde Orchestra. However, I must say that I wanted the music to go a little further, until I found that imperfect point between the explosive and grandiloquent that characterizes these musical phenomena, in which I include, without a doubt, the young performers of the Failde Orchestra that left their mark in this work.

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