Laura de la Uz at the Gibara International Film Festival. Photo: Rolo Cabrera

The secret weapon of the Gibara Film Festival?

1 minuto / Rolo Cabrera

19.07.2019 / Reportages

It is the first time of Rolo Cabrera at the Gibara International Film Festival. In his double condition as a spectator and photographer, he observed everything with the wide open eyes of the one who looks for the first time. As a good rookie he had to catch his pulse on the way to the event, but with the passing of the days he and the concerts went warm until he reached the apotheosis of the weekend. Each night, at the end of the Festival, they paraded some of the most important figures of the Cuban music scene on the stage of the town of Holguin, from a Telmary that is in a state of grace to the resounding return of the Open Havana, through bands as diverse as Toques del Río and Zeus.
Gibara, we know, has become the must-go cool of the Cuban summer, especially for music. Rolo's photographs attest to that.

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Rolo Cabrera

Rolo Cabrera

Fotógrafo. Estudió pintura en el Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes y, posteriormente, en la Academia San Alejandro. Cursa la carrera de Sociología en la Universidad de La Habana.

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