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Eme Alfonso

My family is not the most normal in the world. Despite carrying their same DNA and entering like them in ecstasy with certain music, before I could not fully understand the power that it has to break our soul or throw us into paradise. 

This is a topic of conversation that I have had many times with my father, that when he enters a philosophical state nobody beats him (they do not know the wonderful conclusions we draw from those debates). He has explained it to me in words but I didn't feel it the same. I even heard him say sometimes: "This artist has a lot of talent but he hasn't met the music yet," and I thought "but if he's an amazing artist, he plays well and is a virtuoso of the instrument." I didn't know what his words meant. That is why we have often discussed who has had the joy of meeting music and who unfortunately have never achieved it.

The first thing I must explain to you is an existentialist theory that I invented, with which I have come to find myself with music, literally. It is often said that we have a destiny, that everything is written and that things happen for some hidden reason. That our role on Earth has a purpose and we are born to fulfill it. After thinking about this topic so much, I realized that it is quite the opposite. Yes, totally the opposite. In fact, I wrote an album and a song about it when I started my solo career (Señales), that coincidences do not exist and everything happens for a reason. The chances of life on the planet are 1/10133 (there are 133 zeros)So why do we humans believe that we are so important? 

Life has no logic. There is no concrete sense in it, there are no limits, no borders, no forms, no structures, no good, no evil, no languages, no governments. In essence, humans are particles of the universe and we are part of it. I think music is connected in some way with that pure principle of our existence because it can remove the energy from which we are made.

Music is a universe in itself, thousands of possibilities floating in the air, creating microworlds and dimensions all the time. And some people have the ability to interpret it to change us, and they help us, through their interpretations, to undertake this journey better, this brief step through life. 

At 17, between the halls of the National School of Art and an emaciated third-floor cubicle, I found the music. Hours and hours of solitude listening to all kinds of songs completely changed my vision of life and, from that moment, colors and sounds entered my brain. Thanks to my old Discman, my partner in adolescence, and the carpet with records that I robbed to my brother and my parents, I found the powerful goddess of sounds and emotions. 

But beware, it is one thing to find music as a spectator and another as an artist. From my point of view, that other encounter is part of the artistic maturity, of the experiences, of the talent, of the interpretative coherence, of certain evil, acquired to manipulate the spectator, in addition to emotional intelligence, mastery of the scene, etc. And that moment, in my case, happened when my personal life was upside down: heartbreak, breakups, the death of my grandmother, an inexplicable family rebellion, I don't know ... I wrote someone stop me ―which for me has been my best song― with my heart in my hand and a lump in my throat. In a few hours in the studio I composed the melody and harmony; to tell the truth, they danced alone, they were already there in my head creating conflicts and disarming them. The lyrics were even more painful. From then on, I must confess that music gained prominence in my subconscious, something took root inside me to accompany me in the most difficult moments. 

Then, returning to our theme, when I see or hear an artist with the ability to drive my feelings with his interpretations or his compositions, I realize at the moment of his power, of his connection with the universe, and I let myself go completely. I enjoy it as a girl, I cry without shame if necessary because I know that when I finish the function I will be at peace with myself, I will be part of that nothing and that everything that I have spoken to you about and I will feel unimportant, without egos and frustrations. 

After understanding all this it has been easier for me to keep up with the philosophies of my father, another victim of the power that music exercises over everyone. But who am I to give my opinion on this subject? I am convinced that everyone has their own story and their peculiar way of meeting music. 

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