Illustration: Mayo Bous / Magazine AM: PM.
Illustration: Mayo Bous / Magazine AM: PM.

Sessions: Michael Olivera

3 minutos / Michael Olivera

30.11.2018 / Articles

After the notes of teachers like Chano Domínguez and Javier Colina I find myself with my sticks, my way, my dishes and my desire. I am attentive to the eyes of both; they, as always, are willing to share their wisdom and taste with a Santa Clara drummer, poet and crazy, like me.

Just a few months ago it was the first time I could share with Chano Domínguez. He performed in the city of Valladolid with the Castilla y León Symphony Orchestra and the bassist Pablo Martín Caminero. Chano asked Pablo if he knew any drummer with whom he would like to do those concerts and kindly my dear friend Pablo told him about me and told him that I was the perfect person. So it was, just like that master Chano and I met; they were two very nice concerts and my first great experience with him.

I could tell many beautiful things on master Javier Colina, but nothing sums it up as well as the words of my friend and great saxophonist Ariel Brínguez: master Javier Colina is the missing link between Cachao and Gastón Joya, a pure, sincere, deep, wise soul; that emanates a lot of truth when he plays the double bass, the accordion or just when we talk and we laugh a lot about life. How lucky ours to have it close, is undoubtedly a source of inspiration for any artist.

A month ago I received Chano's call again. This time he wanted to invite me to do nothing less than a full week of concerts with him and Javier (in Madrid). Imagine what I felt: two greats who have been creators of what is known today as flamenco-jazz and who have also recorded many of the great works of contemporary Spanish music, wanted to share with me once again. Without thinking of anything else I agreed, and here I am at his side, making it a reality.

Chano has a very funny phrase, which says just before the concerts begin, laughing: "LOS RETO" says, hinting at never stop improvising, seek, grow and live intensely the moment, because there is only one reality for us and mainly for me. At this moment, this life that has touched me is a blessing and I do not know if I deserve it, but I want to show my gratitude for having it and be able to share it with everyone.

Michael Olivera

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