Illustration: Mayo Bous / Magazine AM: PM.
Illustration: Mayo Bous / Magazine AM: PM.

Sessions: Dafnis Prieto

3 minutes / Daffodils Prieto

04.03.2019 / Articles

As a medium, my body becomes the physical habitat of a circular energy, a force that transcends the immediate environment.

I would like to share one of the greatest spiritual moments I have experienced when playing drums. This experience, particularly fascinating - almost impossible to describe with words - happened during a performance.

I was sitting behind my drums, playing with a great sense of self-consciousness, of peace and satisfaction. I began to feel a subtle increase of energy that flowed through my arms, legs and chest, a pleasant sensation that reached my entire body. From that moment, everything I was touching became a pure reflection of my thoughts; each thought became an action with its own reaction at the same time. Each desired emotion was expressed in conjunction with a spiritual force that lifted me out of my own physical body.

By then I began to feel a higher state of consciousness where different energies flowed through me: it electrified me. Then I saw myself from above, as if I were levitating over the battery, as if it were my own observer. At that moment I was very calm, contemplating the experience of being in two places at once: playing on stage, while watching me (the one I played). I was floating above myself in ecstasy, feeling a great detachment from the physical world, but even so I remained involved in the interpretation, because I was aware of everything.

And then ... I went back to the drums.

This was the deepest and highest sensation I have experienced when playing; that is, the ability to elevate myself to a limitless state of consciousness between my inner and outer being, being my own listener, my own observer.

This type of experience does not happen very often, or rather, it does not happen as often as I would like it to happen. When it arrives, it can be as brief as one minute, or last as long as 20. Sometimes it can happen more than once in a single performance, and sometimes it does not happen at all.

Honestly, every time I sit on drums, I want this sublime experience to come back. But it is such an exquisite event, that I have learned to let it happen by itself, instead of consciously forcing it. The most I can do to be consistent is to always play with sincerity, and be ready to embrace the magnificent experience of playing music with great enthusiasm.

This fragment corresponds to the book A world of rhythmic possibilities. Drum lessons and reflections on the rhythm (Dafnison Music, 2016), ceded to Magazine AM:PM by the author.

Daffodils Prieto

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