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Silvio Rodríguez: "Until a guitar surprised me in its spiral".

With these tenths Silvio closed his speech of gratitude for the awarding of the degree of Doctor Honoris Causa in Social Sciences and Humanities by the University of Havana, granted on Friday, June 2, 2023 in the aula Magna, at the proposal of the Faculty of Philosophy and History of the UH.


I never thought I was important
and less essential.
I found it unbelievable
to be able to get ahead.
I felt like an inhabitant
without beginning or end,
a vague animal
of the dark, a cicada,
until a guitar
immersed me in its spiral.
And in it I saw myself searching
the missing melody,
verses I could never find
and there they were, waiting.
And what I found I was releasing
as my breath,
was either impulse or reflection,
dream or nightmare,
and even looking at a chair
a song appeared.
Always singing straight ahead
I named what distinguished
(whether it could or could not
people told me about it).
I always believed in the current
morning of the sincere
and when they gave me leather
for speaking his mind,
singing more relieved me
because I'm better at singing.
Just existing was a challenge
in a world made by men.
Everything already had its name
well minted and with bib.
And no disrespect
than it deserved,
I offered what I believed
in my bars and verses:
little piece of the universe
made at night and during the day.

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  1. Daniel Piccoli says:

    Total genius. Expressive simplicity has no limits. Thank you Silvio dear!

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