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Cubadisco, 25 years as a mirror of the Cuban music industry?

In the midst of the convulsive decade of the 90s, the production and the Cuban music industry in general experienced an intense expansion and diversification. Gone are the years in which the Egrem officiated as the only record company in the country and new national and foreign record labels began to appear on the scene, which inevitably needed a platform for debate and meetings. 

That was, broadly speaking, the seed of the Cubadisco international fair, which had its first edition in March 1997 and is now 25 years old. In all this time, to what extent has it managed, at least in the collective imagination, to be something more than a prize? Has it lacked dynamism to adapt to the revolution that the international industry has experienced in recent decades? About the origins and purposes of the most important event of the Cuban record industry, about its lights and shadows, our guests talk to this fourteenth episode of The Cassettes... 

Our host, Rafa G. Escalona, is joined by the musicologist and one of the founders of Cubadisco, Cary Diez; musicologist Lea Cárdenas; the journalist Michel Hernández and the lawyer and member of our editorial board, Darsi Fernández. 

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