Diseño: María José Sardiñas
Diseño: María José Sardiñas

Consumption and music market in 2018 (in figures)

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06.05.2019 / Articles

How did the music market move in 2018? How did sales behave globally? Which were the most commercially successful musicians and which markets dominated the consumption?

Magazine AM:PM proposes an approach to these and other questions, through an analysis in figures that reflects the behavior of the global music industry in 2018. This infographic, which traverses the various market trends with particular attention to the figures for Latin America, draws and translates statistics related to total music revenues in 2018 - physical sales, streaming and download, among other parameters - while establishing an evolutionary breakdown taking as reference the total income of the music industry in the last five years.

If you like music and all the processes that support it, and you also love numbers, take a look at it.

Infographics: María José Sardiñas

Infographics: María José Sardiñas

Magazine AM:PM

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