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Reviews Cover of the album "Fuerza Arará", by Telmary. Cover of the album "Fuerza Arará", by Telmary.

Fuerza Arará / Telmary

Among the music that I like the most is the one that can not be named, a bit ungraspable, mulatto. In that very long playlist I add Telmary with her Arará Force, disco-creature conceived with laborious love. (Most of her fans follow her from her start with Interactivo, I include myself, so forgive me if I write from that vast place that is bias).

Let's start almost by the end. I am the verse it gives jazz and rap time to the simple verses of the Apostle. That's it. Even without having heard it before, one can repeat the chorus because they are stanzas that we know since elementary school: I come from everywhere / and everywhere I go ... After so much hollow talk, I bet Marti would have loved to hear his intoned rhymes, powerful, in the voice of a woman.  

A woman who one night, perhaps, was left without more songs for her girl who did not fall asleep. Then he decided to invent his own Nana for Samara. What a beautiful thing a lullaby with batá drums, related by direct line with the Drume bold of Snowball.

Following the reverse order, it's over.

That is, It's over He tells how women - hard, emancipated - also pass them off as hares; and how that piece of the soul rips mercilessly. But better to be formed. In fact, Was formed the conga with Rumbatá. In the next folder of "Variado pa 'la fiesta" this theme can not be absent.

Once Telmary referred to herself as an artist of the featuring. This disc, like the previous two, confirms it. For example, in the new version of Take it how it burns, with the Ruzzo, from Orishas. Great idea to relive this tasty urban chronicle, that I would like to come to my head when the non-transport takes the Mr. Hide inside one.

Arará Force open the record, two voices with Kumar. He and Telmary - soul brothers - form an infallible tandem, and they know it. Sublevao Bit is in charge of the musical production and the arrangements of the CD, and his hand senses behind several themes.

Some years ago, at a Hip Hop Symposium in Havana, the leader of the Italian Zero Plástica group, Sergio Limuti, claimed that the rumberos rap and do not know it; There is an artery that unites the Afro-Cuban tradition with rap. Telmary found that fiber, and there he planted his flag.

With Arará Force continues a route that was already outlined in Daily (2007), and that he continued to walk in his next installment, Libre (2014). The greatest virtue of this album, I think, is that her music matures, grows, and at the same time continues to resemble herself. That coherence becomes supreme merit; something that not everyone is capable of.  

Eileen Sosín Martínez A journalist in training and professional coffee drinker. She sings not in the shower, but in the kitchen. More posts

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