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Interviews Illustration: Iran Hernández-Castillo. Illustration: Iran Hernández-Castillo.

Cat talks to Misifuz (comic)

Iran Hernandez-Castillo The one with the cat on the head. Fans of dogs. More posts

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  1. elmisifuz says:

    That's left of 🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍!!!

  2. Raymar CUBAO says:

    Misifuz is chalk…I see a wonderful future for that band. I know I will enjoy these great songs for a long time.

  3. Leonard Akozta says:

    Brutal brother!! The comic loved the interview.

  4. Dani Brc says:

    Very good

  5. @reynierrobles says:

    Mortal bro, they went too far, super cool idea!!👌👌🙌✊

  6. Diana Daniela Ávila Dorta says:

    Great interview format: creative, fun and innovative. According to MISIFUZ💥

  7. AD says:

    Hard my bro 🔥

  8. Raiko says:

    That's very good, the visual approach pictured me quantity, great successes

  9. Laura Hardy says:

    I love that new term
    Afrovanguardismo makes perfect sense.

  10. RAFA says:

    Another piece of graphic journalism by Iran-Hdez Castillo, demonstrating that there is a possibility to explore that hopefully will grow in Cuba in the future. It took its first steps in El Caymán Barbudo and AM:PM has allowed Iran to continue developing that line

  11. Lester R. Domínguez says:

    Great👌🏾 Misifuz always landing on his feet!!!

  12. Paloma López says:

    Congratulations to the band! Congratulations on the report! Original all!

  13. Giraldo says:

    Gentlemen they passed!!! They got chalk!!! Ggg congratulations to all for such a good job….. ✌🏼

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