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Brenda Navarrete presents: Where Music Lives (III)

There are many Havanas within that Havana that people know. And music is, let's say, the cornerstone of his day to day life. This is how the composer and percussionist Brenda Navarrete has shown us in this audiovisual series that toured the streets of the city —thanks to the collaboration of the Holland Music Meeting festival— in search of those places where music really lives, in the feeling and in the the warm air that Cubans breathe.

In this third and final episode we can attend one of the rehearsals of Manolito Simonet y su Trabuco while listening to a song that became a hit of the orchestra: Crazy for my Havana. Meanwhile, to the rhythm of son, the beat of Yoruba drums, capoeira dances, the sound of traditional trova, rap, the city is dressed in colors of joy.

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