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Reviews Blychy, cover detail. Blychy, cover detail.

Blychy / The Taiger

The Taiger sings while chewing gum. He is not a great singer or a great rapper nor does he have a great stage projection. He's fat, big, tattooed, flirtatious. He is nice and a great presumptuous. Standing next to the stool where she sings, a man with a rag wipes her sweat.

In Mío & Tuyo there were a hundred people. Crammed in there, paying for drinks. It was after one in the morning and he had flown from Miami directly to the bar for his fixed club, which costs 30 CUC for admission. He arrived in a white car with padding and leather boots; security made protocol to escort him inside. I was playing that time with a funny little band that all sounded identical, I mean, the only difference between Super good and The hired litho, two of his hits, it was the trumpet riff. On the sidewalk he was waving his arms and his belly, but he was motionless. A few times I saw him go inside, enjoy the music, it seemed to me that he was singing to get out of it. That he was crazy to leave.

Flight fatigue, I thought, a bad day, anything, I don't know. But that day I confirmed the impression he always gives me. That El Taiger sings to get out of that. To kill and salt, as they say.

Since he joined Los 4, in 2007, his clumsy verses, filler verses, below the quality of those of Jorge Jr. bothered me. He never seemed like a good substitute for Eduardo Mora, founder of Eddy K, that mythical group that was Los 4 returned after Eduardo and DJ Tony stayed in the United States. Then Jorge Jr. changed Tony for two producers named Frank and El Metra and Eduardo for El Taiger, who called himself El Príncipe.

His flow, like until yesterday, was monotonous. The same cadence in a ballad as in a tiradera. He left Los 4 to found Desiguales with Damián, the group's melodic voice since Eddy K, and they invented the fachatón, which was reggaeton fashion. They were successful, they broke up. Damián evaporated while El Taiger continued to be successful. He signed with the Puerto Rican label Rottweilas Inc., prestigious for its star, rapper Cosculluela. He collaborated with great exponents of that country —Ñejo, J Balvin, Bad Bunny. He came to charge 4,000 CUC for a featuring in the Music Cell. And at midnight on March 20, 2020, he released his first independent album, Blychy, “a new beginning”, according to view.

Blychy: deformation of the verb bleach (whiten, whiten), can be translated as white, clean; the message is very clear: I am independent, I am white. The cover reaffirms it: a colorful advertisement for detergent.

Blychy: 12 songs: 38 minutes of reggaeton—sometimes with guitar, sometimes with cast claps. Produced entirely by DJ Conds, veteran of the genre, who repeats with El Taiger after producing his previous album, Amen, in 2019.

It's not musically pretentious. It's a formula disc. It makes it clear from the topic B.lychee, track two, which is for “little ass and silver”. And I like that sincerity so much. "I'm tired," he says, "/ I filled my hand, I endiamanté./ I am tired/ because nobody gave me the crown, I was crowned”.

Invoicing and hitting has always been, like that of any reggaeton player, the philosophy of El Taiger. When Harryson was hit, in 2016, with Ona Ona, there he went to make a remix. Harryson told me: he told El Taiger that they could do a new song, or something else, but he insisted it had to be Ona Ona. And they do it like that. In 2018, boom of Negrito, Kokito and Manu Manu, took together Truly. And shortly after, at the height of El Kamel, they re-recorded the win2, whose original was signed by El Kamel and Jonathan Flow. Less than a month ago, when Titico & Kn1 One played the most in the United States, they released the remix of the stick right here, latest hit of the duo

In Blychy collaborates with promising artists: Chucho Flash, El Rojo, The Yabo. And with others who are a sure thing: Yomil and El Dany, Lenier Mesa. According to a survey on his Telegram channel, Chalk x Eraser feat. Yomil y El Dany is the most popular song on the album (1,334 votes; 39 %). follow him Below zero (1013; 29 %) and sweethearts feat. Lenier and Nesty (209; 6 %).

I particularly like something about Blychy and it is that security and tranquility of El Taiger. Sing comfortable. He no longer recites those clumsy stanzas but writes them exactly for his voice and his lungs; voice that from time to time breaks and achieves a nuance, a voice with confidence to always tell us the same stories: respect, lack of love, I came from below, love, competition, money, much money.

Blychy it does not mark anything or break with anything nor will it be historic. It will serve its author to preserve his status in the scene, to have songs to release and for ass and money. It doesn't make him a great singer or a great rapper. It leaves him sympathetic: "What is the guariconconfianza / leave the heaviness and the rudeness". And presumptuous: "The others are music, I art"; “No one like me has been born yet.”

Listen Blychy here.


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