Sergio Santana Archbold

Civil engineer and music researcher born in San Andrés-Isla and resident in Medellín. Author of the books What is salsa? Looking for the melody (1992), Yo Rubén Blades, confessions of a neighborhood rapporteur (1997), Héctor Lavoe, the voice of the neighborhood (2003, 2018) and The unforgettable Tito Rodríguez (2003, 2015), among others. He is also the author of the books Medellín has his salsa (2015) in co-authorship with Octavio Gómez, and de Mi salsa has sandunga (2014). Co-author and coordinator of the books Lucho Bermúdez, cumbias, porros y Viajes (2012) and Benny Moré sin frontiers (2013). Producer of Santo Bassilón Editions.

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