Arema Arega: Photo: Daniel Francis Berenson / Courtesy of the artist.

Arema Arega, alone at home: Tags for your music

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14.06.2019 / Articles

From Barcelona, Arema Arega has agreed to share with the readers of Magazine AM:PM his experiences as an independent musician. How music can be profitable, some good practices in digital platforms, the uses of playlists, the ways of cataloging music, identity and the "phenomenon" of streaming, will be some of the topics on which the Cuban artist will talk in this series of videos of which we publish today her first chapter.

There are many ways to catalog music. Arema proposes, within them, the moods or moods (, the musical genres ( and, or gender by country (, just to give some examples.


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    Oscar Sánchez


    Wonderful information, I hope the next video with crazy cravings ... Please can you show us how to make a play list in any of the platforms that we can use from Cuba? For example on Spotify? Hugs…

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