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Any, Lilliana, Claudia, Silvia, Patricia, I Do Believe You

Any, Lilliana, Claudia, Silvia, Patricia, I Do Believe You. I believe you because I have lived 31 years under a system that in multiple ways subjugates the rest of society under the mandate of masculinity. I believe you because the testimonies of people who have been harassed within their families, in their neighborhoods, in their schools and workplaces and on the streets, are part of a conversation that is horribly naturalized in Cuba. I believe them because I have never seen the institutions responsible for ensuring that our citizens live full lives, take responsibility for the continuous displays of gender violence that occur throughout the country. 

El Estornudo, en un ejercicio de periodismo admirable, ha hecho lo que todo medio de prensa debe hacer: ponernos delante de nuestros peores temores, obligarnos a dialogar con nuestras conciencias y tomar partido. Así que no dejaré de creer cada denuncia. 

Con estos testimonios es evidente que Fernando Bécquer necesita no solo enfrentar cargos (en el supuesto de que sean presentados) sino un tratamiento psicológico. El modus operandi y el nivel de manipulación con que abusó de estas mujeres retrata a alguien con serios trastornos mentales. Ahora, la impunidad con la que se ha desenvuelto durante al menos dos décadas requiere un análisis más riguroso. En primer lugar de las personas que le rodea(ro)n y son cómplices sostenidos de un patrón de agresión; en segundo lugar, del contexto que da origen a esta complicidad. No (solo) en plan punitivo, sino, sobre todo, para que pensemos qué hay que cambiar en las reglas del juego para que historias como estas no sean parte de la cotidianeidad. 

This is by no means a singular story, an isolated case. For years we have heard of allegations against art figures who, protected by their social relevance, have escaped unscathed from any accusation, and in fact it is their victims who usually bear the consequences of daring to denounce them. These acts, whoever carries them out, are a consequence of the heteropatriarchal society in which we live, but I cannot avoid noting that artists ―like priests or "godfathers" in religion, teachers, or leaders― are also in a position of double responsibility due to the authority and trust that society places in their respective figures. 

At some point, incurable optimist that I am, I want to believe that we will have a Comprehensive Law against Gender Violence, that legal framework for which so many women have fought in recent times, but needless to say that this is not enough. We need to renew the pacts from which we establish our relationships, we need to abandon an educational system that subordinates a group of people to the interests of others.

My solidarity with these and all past, present and future victims of gender violence. I hope they find the necessary psychological accompaniment to overcome their traumas and that their aggressors face the consequences of the law. As a man, as a journalist, I reject any expression of violence towards another gender no matter where it comes from. No one should go unpunished. As long as this is not the case, we are all guilty.

Rafa G. Escalona Padre de una revista de música. Procrastinador profesional. Su meta es ser DJ de una emisora en la madrugada. Príncipe del aleatorio. More posts

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  1. Iván Egüed says:


  2. Andrea says:

    In general good but be careful with that third paragraph where you "diagnose" Fernando as a deranged person without being a psychiatrist. That view of sexual abusers as people with mental problems is often used as a justification. Fernando needs to go behind bars in some prison, not to Mazorra. Greetings. My support to all the victims.

  3. Rafa G. Escalona says:

    Hello, Andrea, yes, you are right in your comment; I confess that this is a very hasty text out of anger, and may not have all the cool head it should. At least the Rafa who wrote it, as he himself trusts without questioning the testimony of the victims, gives him the benefit of the doubt that a good conduct of this case could determine if some kind of mental disorder is involved (which would not exempt him at all). Regards.

  4. Y. I.La O says:

    Bravo por esta oportunidad de enfrentar la verdad. En Cuba (como en tantos otros países) hay un problema, en mi experiencia personal, de agresión sexual con diferentes matices. Los pajusos! Es algo que solo he visto en la isla. Incluso, pides ayuda a un hombre y éste, por miedo o por ignorancia te responde :ay chica eso no hace na’! Y te deja ahí sola con tu pajuso acosandote detrás de un árbol, o en bancos en los parques o en las uvas caletas de las playas. Por citar un ejemplo. Respecto a «los poderosos» que se insinúan y juegan sicologicamente o corporalmente con sus subordinados creo que esto no solo necesita castigo, sino TAMBIÉN CONCIENCIA NACIONAL. Campañas educativas ya en las escuelas secundarias y escuelas al campo, donde ocurren barbaridades. Apoyo sicologico también necesita un impulso en nuestra bella isla. En fin, trabajo de gigantes y POSIBLE DE HACERSE! No exceptions! Gracias.

  5. Mayra A. Martinez says:

    Muy bien. Pocas situaciones más difíciles de enfrentar como mujer que el abuso y, máxime, la violación. Todo incide, entre la verguenza al escarnio público y hasta familiar, la desidia de autoridafes y el machismo/ misoginia. Terrible!

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