Love and music. Songs of love for February 14

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13.02.2019 / Playlists

A few days ago we asked in the networks with what song they would wake up their jevitxs this February 14th. The result is a playlist without false poses. It does not include all the proposals, but those that, in our opinion, best represented the romantic genre. Very romantic. Until it impales.

They are songs that we have ever sung, also sobrixs, and that go from José José to César Portillo de la Luz. Call them guilty pleasures, if you like. That's how diverse we are, like music, like you, dear readers.

From time to time a meme circulates through the networks that says: "Very rockers and that, but the one of Forget me and hit the spin we all know it. " We would add: "And we are happy."


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