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Magazine AM:PM editorial team. Photo: Rolo Cabrera

Magazine AM:PM editorial team. Photo: Rolo Cabrera

Magazine AM:PM is a Cuban digital music magazine. Three times a week it updates its website ( with reviews, comments, interviews, reports, playlists and various articles, regardless of genre or geography. Our purpose is to make a publication that reflects the life of the Cuban musical ecosystem and the cultural and emotional impact of music in Cuban society. We are a multidisciplinary team made up of journalists, designers, musicians, lawyers and engineers, united by our passion for music.

Rafa G. Escalona
Rafa G. EscalonaDirector
Father of a music magazine. Professional procrastinator. His goal is to be a DJ for a station at dawn. Prince of random.
Lorena Sánchez
Lorena Sánchezeditorial director
journalist before. Editor now. Like Tom Waits, he likes beautiful melodies that tell terrible things.
Darsi Fernández
Darsi Fernándezeditor
Hyperlink with human figure. He has a bad memory only for what suits him. He dreams of retiring to read.
Rafael Valdivia
Rafael ValdiviaEditor
Wandering vinyl collector in the skein of Cuban discography. Engineer ever. The great soneros of yesteryear are never missing from his playlist.
Daniel Rosette Aguilera
Daniel Rosette AguileraEditorial assistant
He's probably listening to music or talking about it. Someday he'll make a living from making music and playlists.
Meily Tellez
Meily TellezEditorial assistant
Always running around Havana. A nervous one who falls asleep watching series. Her time is for music and her family. She dreams of producing and singing on many stages. A musicologist with roles wanting to be many things...
Wilber Zada
Wilber ZadaWeb developer
He does city tourism and hiking whenever possible. Free time is dedicated to photography using an iPhone.

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